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Its not you. Its us. After a while, we ENFP's become bored...and...well...basically look for a new shell to crack(I don't mean this as offensive, I swear.) We lose interest pretty quickly. Its hard for us to keep at something we started. If we believe that you have become too dependent, or in other words clingy on oneself we simply take a step back, and analyze the situation. If we come to a conclusion that we took things too far, that we are knee deep, and believe that you are starting to have greater feelings for us, we basically freak-out, and attempt to push you away. Its the irrational fear to get too close.
...but there is a loophole(there is always a loophole, isn't there?): We ENFP's starve for adventure, crave something new every single day. Have you and your lady friend been sitting around talking about your feelings all the time? Or have you took her out kayaking?
We love people who are unpredictable, and fun to have around.
Try the following:
1) Take her on an unexpected joyride.
2) Karaoke with her buds
3) Somehow manage to do this without getting in trouble
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