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Huh, hard to say since people are different (it is a cliche but so true).

There are usually 3 reasons why I become less... initiative.
1) Busy life
2) Boredom (no offence, but when the euphoria has gone it is usually followed by stagnation)
3) I am not sure how to simply summarize this, but I tend to take a step back when I feel that the other part is becoming clingy and dependent.

There can always be personal reasons which we do not know. Perhaps she is afraid of closeness too even though ENFPs tend to fancy this because of closeness itself. And perhaps she is busy with her life or something. I suggest you start a conversation with her again and wait a few days after it and see if she initiates conversation with you as well. Do what feels right, ENFPs usually do not bite, we try to be nice and friendly. ;-)
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