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INFP Reporting!

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Hi. I'm an INFP, and yes, male. :mellow:

Been lurking around in this forum fr sometime.

It's 2.15AM here. Feeling stoned, and no, I'm not on drugs. haha. :laughing:

For some reason, I've registered on impulse...

There has been lots going on my mind... My emotions run deep...:sad:

I'd really love to whine it all out.

But you know what? My fellow lovely INFPs have uncannily read my mind. I thought I was alone. No, but, my brothers and sisters, they've said it all out for me. All my problems, all my flaws. Everything. All have been said, whined, complained in this forum since the beginning, and they reflect the mental "tapes" which keep playing in my head.

There is no point reiterating. No point wallowing in self-pity.

I'd prefer logic. I'd prefer positivity.

This is a good forum, which I hope will be a stepping stone to a journey of self discovery and improvement.

There's light at the end of the tunnel, I always believe, but sometimes forget.

Anyway, scold me if I ever turn to the dark side, and do guide me along?

And, Pardon my mindless ramblings, which might just fade from my short term memory.

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