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INFP Role Models?

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Seeing the INFP villains thread, and seeing some of the downer threads in here, i wanted to ask a more positive question: who are some of your INFP role models? That is, perhaps successful INFPs, those who have made the most of our unique skill sets, or I guess any INFPs you look up to?

Here are a few of mine... I realize you cant be sure of a persons type as an outsider, but I have really strong hunches about these guys:

Cameron Sinclair: The founder of Architecture for Humanity, hes super soft-spoken, thoughtful and obviously quite idealistic and generous. I love the way he embodies our strengths: sincerely caring, being a creative and intuitive thinker, and being a great negotiator. His approach is really about empowerment; empowering individual designers and chapters to step up, recipients to participate in their projects, etc.
(he has a TED Talk and wiki page, I cant post either b/c I have only 2 posts :/ )

Hayao Miyazaki: He runs Studio Ghibli which made all the most famous anime feature films such as My neighbour Totoro, Princess Mononoke, Sprited Away, etc. This is more of a hunch from watching all these movies, but I've found that almost without a doubt at least one of the main protagonists in every movie is an NF, and often an INFP. As well, his creations usually have very deep, meaningful and idealistic undertones in them. They all tend to be very surreal and dream-like, where logic is often suspended without explanation, and people turn into pigs, boys into dragons, castles float around in the sky, etc. Needless to say I love his works, very heart-warming.

Bjarke Ingels: I'm really not so sure about him, but I definitely am considering it as I saw him talk live a couple of times. He tries to portray himself as an ENTP with his step-by-step explanations of his design process, but nothing really ever adds up the way it should. He has admitted many times that his process is based on a sort of 'promiscuity' of thought, and what people might call "web thinking". As well, he is visibly out of his element during his famous presentations; he manages to come off as charming because he sticks to a set script (even his jokes), and b/c he often makes those very novel insights that INFPs supposedly provide. Needless to say though I think hes a great designer, and I love how he makes design more approachable to the layperson, INFP or not.
(Also has some Ted Talks.)

Anyways, my role models definitely reflect my interests :p. But, I would be really interested to hear if there are INFPs that you guys look up to!?
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I can't agree more with the Hayao Miyazakia's choice. He's a prefect role model for people seeking a good heart, down-to-earth attitude and most important of all talent! You must check out his interview at UC Berkeley on youtube - it's such an inspiration for me!

In general, I admire people with good heart which I think is the most important for anyone in this world. People like Mother Theresa and Aung San Suu Kyi who is one of the greatest women who fight for democracy. Talented people do become my role model but I admire them even more when they have contributed and worked hard for what they had. I quite like INTP thinkers like Einstein, and any types of artists who produce world-class music, so many composers can easily become my role model. Great film producers, like Peter Jackson, a lot of respect for them.

Everyone is good, I like everyone!
Isabel Briggs Myers. I luvs her.
Audrey Hepburn!

Here was a woman who was one of the most beautiful women in the world and never had any air of condescension or superiority over others. She grew up in WW II, the same age as Anne Frank, with a piercing emotionality that still breaks my heart today.

"I have memories. More than once I was at the station seeing trainloads of Jews being transported, seeing all these faces over the top of the wagon. I remember, very sharply, one little boy standing with his parents on the platform, very pale, very blond, wearing a coat that was much too big for him, and he stepped on to the train. I was a child observing a child."

Other great quotes about her childhood from her:
Audrey Hepburn and the War, featuring her childhood drawings « The Thought Experiment

Before Princess Diana and Angelina Jolie, here was a woman in the limelight, dedicated to global relief and particularly, children.

Not to mention, she had such a vulnerable way of acting. You can see that she respected the art of cinema and always played her characters sensibly with a touch of romanticism and charm.

I could go on and on but I've always adored her modesty and her regard for other people.
Indeed. Would we be even be discussing this current thread without her influence?

To be honest, public figures, regardless personality, are not my thing. I draw more inspiration from genuine, "real" everyday people (not that the ones mentioned above are not genuine nor real) than the well-known. Thus, reading this forum is much more inspiring to me at times than meditating on the great works/deeds of "famous" INFPs-you people inspire me, and I don't even know your names. :)
Isabel Briggs Myers. I luvs her.

1. I was and still am looking for some sort of mentor for me. I would love to find somebody not so well known, but somewhere near to me, who can "teach" me. I dont want somebody to "couch" me or tell me what to do. Nothing of this modern Bxxxxxxxs. I like the word Mentor and I would love to have one. But they are rare today, sadly.


2. It is very hard to tell who is INFP if he never have the tests. But from people who are sometimes or often considered as INFPS, those are some I really like and considere them my role-models:

Soeren Kierkegaard:
Brilliant philosopher, "father" of existencionalism, with very hard life, who loved people and was full of beutiful thoughts about life and God and everything. He hoped, that through his own suffering he can at least help other people. When he died, plenty of the most ordinary and poorest people followed his coffin, because he was always on their side.

George Orwell.
Brilliant thinker and author with big heart.

William Blake
Originall, soulfull, pioneer.

Bill Watterson
He created one of best strips under the sun. Calvin and Hobbes - I love it absolutely and he deserved a nobel prize for this. :)

Maybe there were not INFPS, but it doesnt matter, those people are great. :)
no more truer words have ever been written.
Well, Bill Watterson
He created one of best strips under the sun. Calvin and Hobbes - I love it absolutely and he deserved a nobel prize for this. :)
How much I miss reading Calvin and Hobbes! I haven't seen my old C&H book since I was 10 years old and I really want to read them all again. I want to experience it all again at the advanced age of 19, maybe I'll be more keen to the genius everyone says Watterson possessed now. Haha.
Bill Watterson
He created one of best strips under the sun. Calvin and Hobbes - I love it absolutely and he deserved a nobel prize for this. :)
I think about this too sometimes. I thought I was the only one.
I'm never the only one.

1. I was and still am looking for some sort of mentor for me. I would love to find somebody not so well known, but somewhere near to me, who can "teach" me. I dont want somebody to "couch" me or tell me what to do. Nothing of this modern Bxxxxxxxs. I like the word Mentor and I would love to have one. But they are rare today, sadly.
Haruki Murakami. He frustrated his family and friends by following his dream of running a jazz bar, made it just about work and then became one of the world's best selling authors along the way, but staying true to his authenticity, his privacy and his jazz bar throughout.

Also, @IcarusDreams , one of the warmest, most compassionate and most intelligent INFPs I have encountered on here. He is not only caring to the extreme but also capable of that gentle reason which completes an INFP.
Heh, I am glad you like Calvin and Hobbes as much as me. Even if It means, that Watterson takes more prise than genius like Kierkegaard. ;) Sorry Soren, I love you, but you just never had a talking tyger. :))

But its ironic, that some of best of strips makers are sometimes being considered INFPS. Even another genius Schultz himself. Even if he might be (as well as Watterson) very likely another type.

But there is something we could connect to, dont we? I always loved strips. They are short, funny, yet often very smart in a way. Not Kierkegaard smart, but smart anyway. :)

I also considered making my own strip, but I cant draw and I cant write and I am to lazy to do anything, so it could be little complicated. :))))
I'm afraid I'm not well read enough to comment on Soren, but I also have to agree that Watterson is an awesome man. But, I think in that case I would say that Calvin was/is more my role model than Watterson himself. :p

In fact one of the reasons I really came to terms with me being an INFP was when I saw Calvin listed as one on some website.. my sister often says I reminded her of Calvin, so it kind of clicked for me.

Thats a good point about comic strips though, i definitely get the feeling that a disproportionate amount of protagonists in children's stories are INFPs, or at least NFs. Although, I think thats a different discussion entirely :p
get an istj role model if you wanna get things done :D
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funny you should mention that, I'm kind of infatuated with/fascinated by the protagonist in The Walking Dead, I think Rick Grimes? Im not sure but I think he might be an ISTJ / ISFJ. Needless to say I'm pretty jealous of people like that sometimes, they don't waste time thinking, they know how to "git' er done"!
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Right now, MC Ride of 'Death Grips.' I at least believe he's probably an INFP.

He's someone who hasn't been afraid to do all the things I want to:

-Dropping out of college and actually becoming successful.
-Being homeless.
-Focusing on his art.
-Not having any 'role models' of his own.
-Living by the rules he sets for himself and those alone.

He seems like someone confident in making all of his own choices, no matter how unorthodox they may seem to others. His struggle is all his own and he doesn't want anyone's pity. He is completely unapologetic about his life choices; a way of life I am often far too afraid to adopt. There are plenty, plenty days I dream about risking everything by going who knows where and never speaking to those who I feel keep me 'grounded' again but I am far too plagued by the potential consequences, like being hated. I don't know why that bothers me so much.

I don't know if I'd call him a role model, really, but he's someone whose bravery I admire greatly.

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H.P. Lovecraft
Dylan Klebold
Anders Behring Breivik
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