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My INF is nothing like a J,
And I'd not have it any other way.
His desk may be a mess, but that's okay.
He blames the cat. That's just the price you pay.

My INP is certainly no T.
That's rather plain for all the world to see.
When asked, "Why do you blame your cat," well, he
Replies, "Fluffy, fluffy, fluffy, hehehe! :chat02:"

My IFP is not at all an S.
I've already addressed his messiness,
But here's the real issue with the desk:
My darling can't control his clumsiness.

In hot pursuit of cats, my NFP
Knocks over his desk daily. Why does he
Spend all his time with cats, not you and me?
My NFP is nothing like an E.

"So what then is he like," you'd want to know.
Well, I'm not telling. Go and find your own.

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A classic, brilliant master piece!
Charming collection of creamy cat confetty,
that will melt on your tongue
at the first byte.

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