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INFP Stuck in the short term department.

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I had a job at a call center, until I was laid off. I need to get back to work, but I don't want to go back to doing call center work again if I can avoid it. I'm trying to figure out what might be a transition job where I could showcase my customer service/ help & serving skills to assist people. I don't mind being on the phone. I just don't want to be chained to a desk all day taking call after call.

I know what I want to do in the long term. All of my career/dream jobs require some form of college education/long term training. It's the short term that's stumping me.

Thanks for any support, suggestions, etc.

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I really don't think you should return to that call center job. Actually, i'm sure you don't have to..

I know short-term jobs sucks, I really do lol... I'm working at one, and i've worked in all kind of short-term jobs. And that's what we are INFP do the best! When we're sure our work doesn't really have a purpose, or doesn't serve any value, it's completely meaningless. And we're trying to make excuses right away why not to stay in that job.

If you'r not satisfied with one job, jump to another. Renew your spirit and gain new experiences on the way. One thing for sure is that you REALLY don't need a stressing call center job that's won't serve you a thing! I'm saying this only as an INFP to another INFP... I'm sure there are plenty of other service-oriented jobs where you can sit around half a working day, and just pass the time, or let your inner world prosper.

You can have it even in a short-term job, you just have to look, search, research, and be creative while you'r at it! A stressful or intensive job would be the ideal job to get far as possible from it.

And it doesn't have to include service, or by phone or face, you can even work in a kitchen and be happy doing your own work at a high pace, but without being drained from customers...

Hope that helped, even a bit.:happy:
If you don't mind, what are your long term goals? I completely feel you on hating doing crap short term work...there's a reason I have 3 different resumes for different fiields,...but I think it's helpful in the long run, if you're able to find temporary work thats loosley related to your long term goals.

The reason I say this is because I wish that I kept my short stinted work path more congruent. I have years of work experience that I can't really use on my current resume because it's so random, ya know?

Just wanted to add, good luck!
Thanks Shuye and Jamila I appreciate the feedback, and support.

This may be t.m.i. (too much information). :D But to answer your question Jamila, these are my current
interests and passions. and what job titles I think they could translate into. Maybe someone else has
some suggestions for other possibilities?

Spirituality- Spiritual Teacher, Spiritual Coach, Teach presence/mindfulness/meditation

Personal Growth- Counselor, Therapist, Life Coach

Art- Musician (specificially I'm a drummer), singer, songwriter, Music Therapist, Writer

Animals- Animal trainer, Animal caregiver

Health- Holistic Doctor/Alternative Health Doctor

I think the common thread, or theme here is that I'm interested in helping/serving, healing, and growth. I think that
the challenge has been figuring out where I could get a job doing short term work in these areas, so that I could
have that experience for my growth, and that it would look good on my resume too.
I'm focusing on your 1, 2, and 5 section, as their the most related.

For now maybe you can get a job as a counselor of sorts (youth maybe...or mentally disabled adults), maybe work in a health food type of store(whole foods/trader joes...not really related...but holisticy environment...$$ in pocket), work in a therapist office as assistant (I did this while in college).

Are you in school or planning on going? Psychology would be a good degree to start with, though you would have to continue onto graduate studies. Psychotherapy/Psychologist sounds like it would be a good fit. Maybe study psychology, go to grad school, become psychotherapist, and write self-help books, in the meanwhile get a part time job as a counselor....I don't know of your educational background or city, but yup, thats my vote!

If you're in US, check out
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