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written by @Wanderlust94 and @Sily

Hello and welcome to the INFP forum! Although most of us here are extremely lax and welcoming, there are a few rules that need to be kept in mind while browsing our forum.

Before starting a new thread, do a search, as your thread probably has been posted before & there will be a wealth of previous information.

Don't believe everything you read here about INFPs.

Resist the urge to Feed The Trolls.

Don't generalize all INFPs as doing what you do. Speak for yourself and your experience as an INFP.

If you get into a debate with an INFP, don't get personal and stay with the issues.

Questions are welcomed.

Stay out of the INFP-only threads if you are not an INFP.

In addition, here are some ways we can generally agree on as being beneficial when trying to communicate with an INFP. While everyone here is different, these methods have been mutually agreed upon as a beneficial way of communicating with us.

When communicating with an INFP there are a few things to try to remember:

•Discuss ideas, don't resort to personal attacks. Many of us do appreciate the polite, gentle, non-patronizing, no snark, respectful approach when having a conversation.

•INFPs usually prefer authenticity and honesty. Be yourself, but respect our opinions and our logical and emotional boundaries.

•Try not to make hasty judgments too quick. If you're in a hurry, with a hit and run approach, you might find we won't respond. Give us time to respond & don't shove your beliefs down our throats. We might take more time to respond, but often we can then make deeper and more creative connections.

•Some of us will open up about ourselves if you ask and some of us like discussing deep, philosophical subjects. Participation can be fun for a few of us and not just one-sided conversations, hearing others ramble on all day about themselves.

•Many of us try to see everyone as an individual and we try not to make quick assumptions about others. Try to do the same for us.

•You might find small talk with us doesn't go very far. Small talk can be boring, but once we've established a connection with you, we will easily discuss real things that matter to us and the conversation will flow constantly.

•Others mustn't categorize or stereotype comparisons of behavior with others. What you say, think or do is not necessarily what I would do... I'm not you. It leaves many of us feeling impatient and violated when others do this.

Enjoy your stay here! Many of us have been here for years and years and are willing to help with any questions you may have!
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