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Description of INFPs
INFPs are known as the "Healers" and the "Dreamers."

Highly creative, artistic and spiritual, INFPs can produce beautiful works of art, music and literature.

INFPs develop strong relationships with a few close people.

Every experience gets processed by the INFP's value system.

INFPs are highly intuitive about people. They rely heavily on their intuitions to guide them.

INFPs prefer not to supervise or manage others.

INFPs are constantly searching for meaning and value in what they do.

An INFP's job must offer meaning and value and it must be fun.

INFPs are introverted, reserved, and somewhat shy.

INFPs prefer careers where:

  • Management allows people to be self directed
  • The work itself is personally meaningful and has value
  • Decisions and actions at work are in sync with your personal values
  • The work offers the opportunity to rapidly change direction and to respond to problems as they arise
  • The work is fun and allows for some spontaneity
  • You can apply your natural ability to focus and concentrate, rather than multitasking
  • The environment, culture and pace allow you to consider things fully before having to respond
  • The work allows you to work at a careful steady pace
  • The work involves theory and speculation
  • The work allows you adequate private time to work alone and to concentrate
  • The work involves creativity, imagination and a creative approach to problem solving
  • The work involves looking beyond the present i.e. future possibilities, future products, future actions
  • The work is not limited to what exists today but involves "what may be" and "what could be"
  • The atmosphere allows you to be warm and caring and to build strong interpersonal relationships
  • The environment allows for freedom and flexibility and is loosely structured without too many rules
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