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I think all my life before (before I even know what MBTI is), I had always bent myself backwards (without realizing it) in presenting my true voice out of fear, out of thinking,''omg what if I sound weird or stupid?'', out of walking around on imaginary eggshells hoping that I don't offend anyone or too many people.

As I grow older, I get tired of it. I get tired of the usual typical INFP style of,''I'm so sorry if I offend..I'm so sorry if that opinion annoys..I'm so sorry if I am wrong..I'm sorry but..''

I don't like the feeling of being underestimated, even though I still hide some of my true characteristics that relate to my critical thinking because I keep some parts of my identity private online (I don't believe that I should reveal everything. I'm emotionally expressive, but not stupid)

I try my best to be understanding, civil, moderate, reasonable although I am seriously flawed. At the end of the day, there is no one exactly alike so we all have a unique perspective to offer to the world. It's just that sometimes I have no idea what I had apologized for, other than being me.

Have you gotten to that point as well?
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