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Before my gf (ESTP) met my sister (INFP) she saw my first few posts on this and said 'it's a miracle'. I informed her it was my sister since we made this page but she used it at first. She seemed disapointed.

So she finally met my sister again. My gf knew my mother better than me and my sister so my sister was insanely jealous and acted bitter towards my girlfriend, which upset my girlfriend a lot.

After having a deep heart to heart the two became friends. Now they get on like a house on fire. As much as I'd hate to admit it they have amazing chemistry, contrast but compliment each other despite the major difficulties they faced and they enjoy eachother's company more than they should .

Is this the way ESTPs and INFPs get along or is it because my gf has a thing for sensitive, passionate girls? :( She often tells me my sister is like the cuter version ofme (she'd be teasing but I know she means it :( )

How do you get along with ESTPs?
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