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Kindness. Compassion.
Depth. Understanding.
Wit. Intelligence.
Strong belief system.
Someone who goes out of his way for others.
Musician (just a preferrance)
-great taste in music
Fun. Adventurous. Spontaneous.
Willing to help the hungry, broken, & downtrodden.
Opinionated. Stubborn.
Good listener.

So.... yeah...... remember to list attributes you find attractive, not expectations you have in finding a mate. This is just out of curiousity! :wink:
Have fun!

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Confidence. Not cockiness... but more like he is happy to be himself, and not insecure though he knows he has flaws.
INTELLIGENCE. There is no way I will ever find someone attractive unless I find him to be intelligent.
Nerdiness... I like guys who know what they're doing with computers, and I like being able to play video games with whoever I'm dating.
Good taste in music/musician.
Emotional stability.
Funny/good sense of humor.
Openness to new things/new ideas.
Politeness. I need to be able to introduce him to my family.
Willingness to argue with me a little bit. I cannot stand it when guys just agree with everything I say because they think it will make me like them more. I want to know his honest opinions, whether I agree with them or not.
Aggressiveness when being intimate :tongue:

Dark hair.
Nice jawline.
Lean but muscular... Not into bulging muscles though.
A little stubbly/scruffy. But I'm not a fan of beards haha. Well, not on the guy I'm dating anyway.
Height... I'm such a sucker for guys 6 foot and up, which doesn't really make much sense considering I'm around 5'2".

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  • I don't know how to describe it, but certain women just have this certain... vibe that just oozes sexiness. I guess you could call it charisma? The lure of the siren? I don't know... so on to more easily defined qualities:
  • A lovely smile... god i'm a sucker for that. Seriously, an attractive smile has such a strong effect on me. My favourite kind of smile is a kind of flirtaceous one that suggests a sweet personality but also a playful and challenging attitude. lol i'm surprising myself by how specific i am about this :crazy:
  • Pretty and expressive eyes.
  • Kindness. Very important, i don't find women attractive if i don't think they're nice human beings.
  • Empathy
  • A good body... although i've been very attracted to girls ranging from skinny to chubby, short to tall, large and small breasts... so i'm not sure what the pattern is here. All i know is that i like to look at certain women's physique more than others
  • A nice butt
  • Intelligence
  • Independence
  • Open-mindedness
  • Creativity
  • Broad interests that have some overlap with my own
  • Passion for the people and things she finds important
  • A charming combination of confidence and humility
  • An equally charming mixture of a slightly tomboyish attitude (i'm not that much into the girly girls) and feminine grace and body language (i find that very sexy)
  • Adorable women who stroke my ego by listing qualities that i possess :proud:

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  • That gaze that feels like it's staring straight into your soul
  • charm
  • sense of humor
  • I like guys who are muscular but not ripped. Like glisten said ;D
  • nice hands
  • Someone who's not THAT much taller than me,
  • musical
  • probably introverted because extroverts make me tired
  • a general sense of what's right and wrong xD
  • tolerates or likes animals :)
  • Someone who takes an intrest in my feelings
  • Also someone who generally fascinates me. (A lot of the times these are Thinkers or Judgers xP)
  • A cute smile (those lopsided grins are to die for)
  • Hopefully a little weird like me xD
  • Someone who likes me for me and doesn't try to change me
  • Someone who won't get frustrated at me for silly reasons
  • Oh! And someone who's of equal or better intelligence than myself.

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- smartness/intelligence... ability to cut through the basics... hot hot hot
- inner-strength = :laughing::laughing::laughing: gosh, it's veryyyyyy attractive.
- strength, clarity and peace in someone's silence
- life in someone's non-silence
- dark eyes :crazy:
- messy hair but not too messy or anything like that. Some messy edge to someone's appearance is attractive for some reason. I DON'T mean bad hygiene. Perhaps what I really mean is having fashion in attitude rather than appearance. Attitude shines on the surface and on choices, somewhat.
- creativity, thirst for adventure, pondering on music to bring it more to life
- emphasis on emotions even when it wasn't intended... because it demonstrates, somewhat, that a person is so sunk into their thoughts, words and actions. It may not seem apparently emotional, but if you look/listen closely enough, you'll pick up on it. I find that attractive with the whole combo of smartness and creativity etc etc
- cute smirk, child-like eyes behind a constantly serious or caught-up-in-life gaze
- a willingness to explore... a willingness to familiarize the unfamiliar
- when someone acknowledges that comfort and luxury isn't everything and as a result shows a new side, beyond just using this acknowledgment as an excuse
- assertive
- funny... humorous... can make fun of themselves when required :tongue:
- having a torn piece on the knee cap of their jeans cuz they fell over some days ago while having fun and they didn't bother to sew it up or wear a new one. (true story)
- free-spirited deep down behind the struggles and restrictions *wub*
- open-minded and novelty seeking
- random in the most un-randomest of times if that makes sense.
- friendly, compassionate, a desire to live for something bigger than themselves... protective of others and their rights
- when he is happy and willing enough to imaginatively play on drums, xylophones, trampolines and the piano with me :crazy: In other words, a musical and happy-go-lucky spirit
- reading a novel to one another while baking something in the oven... i find it attractive when i listen to someone's way of reading something - what their face says, their eyes say, how their feelings shift from one scenario to another... and when they do the same for me... also indicates good listening and a sense of wonder
- a passionate argument once in a while... i admit :unsure: I love a PASSIONATE argument. I can stand my own and feel good about it later. But ONLY once in a while. And if someone can keep up with the beat of it... the passionate argument is like wow hawt hawt hawt. I still hate conflict, got that? :shocked::angry:

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- Empathetic
- Dark eyes
- Open-minded
- Willing to wait for me to become emotionally open.

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What I find attractive rather than what I need/ works best with me? ooh, i'm going to have fun with this.. this is pure fantasy of course :tongue:

basically it's my animus projection. Kind of the "opposite" of me, or what I'm yet to strongly develop.

Something like a mix between this guy, and Rushton from the Obernewtyn chronicles.

Decisive, individualist, courageous/pushes through fear, sense of inner power/strength, resilient, a little bit reckless though mostly highly responsible, quietly helpful/works behind the scenes to do good, driven/motivated, self controlled, strong morals with a 'dark element' that isn't repressed, a little bit unpredictable, ragged, rough around the edges , quietly instense, experienced (so they are at least a little wise), shameless, visionary, intelligent, has big plans and can carry them out effectively, internally sensitive, dark hair? haha.

Ultimately the attraction is strong when I recognise I have something that can unlock something in them and they have something that can unlock something in me (usually it's strength). Attraction doesn't mean I could work with that person though, only that I am incredibly drawn to them...

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Someone who does random kind things for complete strangers
Someone who waits for people to open up and doesn't run away from their weird nature
Odd sense of humor
Real (doesn't pretend; honest with who they are.)

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Emotional maturity
Not too skinny
Muscular, not ripped (as said before by others)
Dark eyes
Good sense of humor
Good taste in music
Enjoys reading
Deep voice
Tall - 5"11 or taller
Chivalrous, but not sexist
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selfless poet lost in translation

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The ability to converse for hours without needing to say anything meaning full
huh.. that's exactly the opposite from me! I crave meaning and depth in conversations/relationships. I feel like it gives me a better insight into his motives/intentions. Also I like the angle it portrays a man.. what he really thinks/feels/what he is passionate about.

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i have a dreadful thought that whatever i'll say will be egotistic.

it's hard to be sure. when i'm attracted to someone, it tends to just happen, i'm slightly blindsided, but happily so.

i guess, qualities that i tend to find attractive?

-intelligence, of course.
-but, ironically, i also like a certain degree of ditziness :confused: i like intelligent ditzes.
-i find artists to be attractive (pick an art). i envy them considerably.
-... going with the above, physically - i tend to be attracted to the art-school sorta girls. well, i guess that's more fashionistically than "physically"?
-i *need* an abstract mind. i've discovered this lately... if i'm with someone who lacks this, the conversation just gets... very difficult.
-logicality, rationality, all thatality. not too drippy, please :dry:
-but at the same time, someone who terribly loves cuddling and all that soppy stuff :tongue:
-... wisdom. hard to define it. wisdom trumps almost anything. there are a few people on this forum who resonate wisdom, and it's great to see. (no, i'm not saying who)
-... negativity. hah. seriously :tongue: i like a certain degree of cynicism, negativity... not overwhelming sorts, but, yeah. combined with a degree of morbidity perhaps, gloominess... i really like this.
-nerds! it'd be hard for me to have a long term relationship with someone wasnt a bit of a nerd. especially at least a bit of a gamer... common interests and all that.
-i find glasses to be attractive. please, ladies, dont get rid of your glasses, quit it with the contacts. :frustrating:
-kind-heartedness. kinda goes without saying... so, uh, i said it anyway. :unsure:
-physically? erm... hm. fit enough, doesnt need to be sporty or anything like that though. just Alright. fashion sense helps a lot. cute hair (not biased towards long or short, both can be really cute). a pretty face (cant define what i mean by this). generally more inclined towards petite than otherwise, but otherwise can be very attractive too. perhaps one or two quirky or striking physical characteristics... dont need to be too obvious. a cute voice... hm... someone's who's excited to be with me, and is physically and audially responsive.
-someone who surprises me. as i said, i'm often surprised by what attracts me. it's nice to be surprised. fantasies are often shallow things, you can sit and fantasize all day about the ideal person, but it feels pitiful when compared to the *humanity* of a genuine person, someone who isnt restricted by your thoughts. free will... a free heart. this is very attractive.

... *sigh*. :frustrating:
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