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Is insecurity the fuel for libido? Does security kill libido? If so, is security > libido?
Regarding my experience + readings + literature etc, no. And by literature I don't mean just psychology but also the psychology of fear.

Insecurity will make difficult for us to engage on something, a situation, a relationship, or in this context a sexual relationship. Difficult doesn't mean impossible to do. There are contexts where insecurity relates to fear, or manifests in fear, but insecurity IS NOT fear. The importance of saying this is because fear itself delays diggestion and sex functions, blood flow and energy go away from your stomach and from your penis.

But insecurity can also mean amplified desires and emotions, why? when it manifests as anxiety or in anxiety. Wording is important because just as the previous paragraph (insecurity not being equal to fear) the same here, insecurity is not anxiety. When we feel insecure about something anxiety cam come to us pushing us to do something. Just like we might feel the need to jump from a very high place, just like when we might want to kiss a woman out of nothing and we are insecure, and just like that it can amplify or fuel your libido. And nope, security doesn't kill the libido. We can have libido and be very secure about it (and with it).

I found very interesting thing on the psychology of fear regarding rock climbing, there were very good examples and measured body responses, not just about the sport, but to everyday life (fear... fear... fear...)
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