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Hey everyone!

Not really sure what to say in this little blurb, but I guess most of all I'm just excited that I found a site where you can find other people and articles based on personality type. I like the idea of it being a cafe, too - feels more cozy and intimate.

Covering the basics. I'm Marie, the person that you were fortunate or unfortunate enough to stumble into the intro of. Short and copper headed, my overall existence tends to take place between things: between colleges (dual enrolled), majors, sexualities, religions, and interests, I'm a kaleidescope of a person who, like a kaleidescope, will probably make you dizzy if you stare at me too long.

In sentence fragments: I'm a writer. American. Twenties. Cancer, if you're into the horoscope thing. Economics and Media informatics major. Aspiring to be a law student one day, if I can survive the college debt. Sorority sister. Late-night blogger. Comic artist. Amateur graphic designer and film producer. D&D enthusiast. Confident and self-aware. My favorite things are leather-bound journals, ink pens with grips, boots and scarves and elbow patches, and dogs that are twice my size, and I have a weird habit of collecting teddy bears from every place I travel when I'm abroad. I like to have my room chalk full of pillows, rugs, movie posters, and Christmas lights, and I can't go on a trip without making a color-coded itinerary first.

I don't exactly have some magic allure or magnetic, charismatic pull like many of the other users I've read the intros of, but hopefully my patchwork personality will be enough to keep you interested. Feel free to drop me a message and I promise not to bite.

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