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Due to liquor, a huge load of nicotine and a previous drastic encounter with weed my insight has weakened to the state that it almost doesnt exist

its become very hard to pin down my previous visual prowess aswell

back in my prime I could still multi-task with precision and accuracy with my right foot always forward pushing through obstacles like they were nothing

now I'm an emotional wreck
although my creativity has picked up because I use it constantly now

my Ni doesnt feel like it working and I dont feel connected to the world anymore, all I'm connected to is the orchestra of voices in my head screaming,begging me,whispering to me to realize that I should leave the world behind and embrace my insanity ,thus far I have neglected it and have chose to a part of humanity but the part of me that wants to be alone doesnt want to leave me alone, ironic

any advice would be helpful thanks :)
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