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Do you read the instruction manual first? [ISTJs only]

  • Yes [ISTJ]

    Votes: 16 66.7%
  • No [ISTJ]

    Votes: 8 33.3%

Instruction manuals

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If you were to get a camera, or some other device, would you be uncomfortable using it before you read a lot about it, or would you just jump in and start using it?
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It would matter what you are doing, with some things the steps can be very detailed if you grew up dealing with a vcr in any way, to program some of the stuff on it like the time and other things can be a bit frustrating.

Reminds me when a family member got a new phone and was figuring out some new functions on it. They asked me for help and i asked to see the manual. Whoever wrote the manual did an awful job. In the section for ringtones it jumped to how to download them instead of telling you how to at least find where they are on the phone itself!
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