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Do you read the instruction manual first? [ISTJs only]

  • Yes [ISTJ]

    Votes: 16 66.7%
  • No [ISTJ]

    Votes: 8 33.3%

Instruction manuals

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If you were to get a camera, or some other device, would you be uncomfortable using it before you read a lot about it, or would you just jump in and start using it?
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yes, i read the manual thoroughly long before i make the purchase. i want to know everything about a product.

sometimes people tell me 'i can't get this to work', or 'what's wrong with this thing?' etc. and i always say 'did you read the manual?', 'what does the manual say?'. then i get 'the manual? who reads the manual?' :blushed: (i do)
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