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Insults/put downs

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How many of you can't deal with criticism/insults/put downs very well.
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For me, the NF helps me creatively interpret insults. i usually deflect conflict.

Someone says: "Holy shit you're skinny"
I say: "It's all about exercise! you just have to get out more. you'll get there."

Someone says: "Are you gay?"
I say: "No, sorry. I'm flattered though."
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Omg. You get me. I recognize the tactics from above because they often spew from my own mouth.

Brother, thy name is Frowzle. :happy:

It's the way to go for us.
You can outwit someone without shifting from your happy dreamy NF being.

D'you have any examples? =D
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1 - 2 of 54 Posts
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