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Ever get to a point when an F user pushes you so far that you are just so fucking angry? What do you do?

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I would close my eyes, and when I open my eyes again, I am a 90-year-old man,
and this person has gotten very old, too. I look at this person and my life past,
and see that it was perhaps pointless to get so angry at this person, then.

So, when I open my eyes again, I am myself again,
and this person is part of my own history, and I'm less angry.

If that hasn't worked, I try to compare how much this person has wronged me.
How much compared to what? Did this person torture me for 50,000 years,
razor to every inch of my skin, every second in pure agony?

If the answer is no, I see that since I've been patient,
maybe I'll be patient a bit longer.

If that hans't worked, I try to imagine this person's life from Day 1,
a newborn baby next to a mother; parents, aunts, uncles,
childhood friends, smiling, laughter, sad moments and fun moments,
graduation and dream of one's own, and somewhere along the line,
there is myself talking to this person; things I say and things this person says.

And I find myself, temporarily living as this person, saying the same thing to myself.
Then, maybe I am no better than this person when I live this person's life.

If that hans't worked, I admit to myself that the whole day is screwed up,
and give the day a rest. I excuse myself from anything stressful,
go home early, go to bed early, trying not to think about the incident.

When I wake up, I'll try recount the incident with a calmer spirit.

If that hans't worked,
I would probably think about getting some professional help.

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Take a deep breath, exhale, and maybe shut down to do something enjoyable for me (i.e. read a book, play a game, etc.). I really try not to blow up due to the fact that...well...I tend to not be in control of my actions in such occasions.
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