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I've been into the 'typology' game for a little bit now, and have tried to pinpoint my MBTI type and my Enneagram type. I'm curious about Socionics now, and thought I would give this questionnaire a go. I know little to nothing about what it is, so I thought I'd give the forums a shot at typing me.

Personal concepts
1. What is beauty? What is love?
To me beauty, or aesthetics, is a combination of both objective standards and subjective preferences and experiences. Certain elements of an object's physical structure, especially symmetry and ratios, have a strong correlation to what people define as beautiful. Some music just sounds beautiful, while other music does not. We have certain timbre, frequencies, modes, etc that are acceptable. However, there is a certain subjective element, that might be smaller than people think, but it is still important. Your own beliefs, interests, and experiences are going to play some part in what you find to be beautiful. What your senses pick up on might remind you of a certain experience or memory that you enjoy, making that sensory experience beautiful in a way, because of the memory attached to it.

What is love? Certainly not just a feeling you have towards a person or thing. In my belief, love is tied to action. Actually doing self-sacrificing deeds for the good of others is love. Love is treating the people around us according to a certain moral standard. It's not just the butterflies in your stomach when you think a person is pretty or handsome.

2. What are your most important values?
I guess this is something I'm still trying to figure out at this stage in my life. I'm still only 19, so it's hard for me to really tell what is most important to me. I guess purpose, and trying to find one, is important to me. A lot of my life has revolved around trying to figure out why I am here, and what I can do in order to feel fulfilled and meaningful. I value freedom of thought and discussion. I value truth, and searching for answers.

3. Do you have any sort of spiritual/religious beliefs, and why do you hold (or don't) those beliefs in the first place?
I'm a Christian, born and raised, but also by my own searching. If Christianity were truly so full of holes and fallacies as many claim, and it really was just a fairy story, I would have abandoned it years ago. I definitely went through my own epistemological and metaphysical musings during my teenage/highschool years. I really wanted a rational, logical, valid reason to believe in God, because at that point (and still now), my own experiences don't necessitate, or even necessarily indicate, the existence of a god of any kind. Looking back at the person of Jesus, as a historical figure, the claims he made about himself, etc...I do find there to be good reason to adhere to a Christian worldview. Will I ever know for sure? No, there is no way to definitively prove or disprove any theory about the existence of God. But I think it is reasonable, and pragmatic to take this viewpoint, especially when considering the implications of eternal destiny.

4. Opinion on war and militaries? What is power to you?
I guess I'm not overly offended by war, but neither am I a great supporter of military or fighting. I've always been intrigued by tales of heroism, and war against evil. I grew up on Lord of the Rings, and have been a huge Tolkien fan. Those idealistic tales of chivalry and eucatastrophe are deeply impactful to me. But in a real world setting I don't find them to be true. Both sides of every war are evil, and motivated by selfish ambitions, pride, greed, etc. There are good guys and bad guys. The amount of collateral damage that war creates seems unnecessary most of the time when there is really not often some great purpose to be found to fight for. What is power? I suppose power is found in one's ability to control themselves/their own environment. It's very much related to freedom. When somebody else takes those things away from you, they take away your power and make it their own. They haven't necessarily taken your freedom, as you can still do whatever you want...there will just be consequences, so you no longer have the power or means to make any free choice. I don't know if that makes sense. It's not something I've heavily considered ever.

5. What have you had long conversations about? What are your interests? Why?
I don't tend to have long conversations often. I guess I just don't talk to people very much, and when I do, most people aren't interested in my deeper musings...or maybe I just assume they wouldn't be, or don't want to put effort into externalizing it...I'm not sure. When I do have a long conversation, it's usually with my mother, and about our own behaviour and thoughts on God, theology etc. This isn't necessarily my primary interest, although it is up there for certain. Another friend that I talk deeply with often converses about the Bible as well, but from a more scholarly, historical perspective, like noticing interesting themes within the Bible itself. Or talking about an interesting scholar or something. Less about personal experiences, life change, growth, etc. We also like to talk about philosophy a lot, and just kind of debate random issues. Sometimes people talk to me about their struggles, but I find it hard to engage myself into that conversation with my own input. I find that these conversations are founded on a mutual interest. My main personal interests, or what I find I am devoting most of my time to are music (mostly listening to, sometimes creating, often breaking down and analyzing lyrics), and sports (watching hockey and analyzing my favourite team/the league). Now I'm really interested in typology. I'm really interested in music and analyzing lyrics because for me it is like a cathartic outlet for pent up emotions/thoughts. It helps articulate and verbalize some of the abstract feelings in my head. I think I love hockey just because I've grown up loving it, and it is kind of like a 'fake world' to dive into and forget about reality (even though the NHL actually exists). I'm not sure why I'm into typology. I guess narcissism?

6. Interested in health/medicine as a conversation topic? Are you focused on your body?
Not at all. I was good at science, but elected to go the physics route as soon as I could in highschool, and avoid biology. I'm not overly focused on my body, beyond the occasional realization that my lack of said focus has led me to being more out of shape than I previously remembered. Luckily I have a good metabolism, and am still young, so I don't seem out of shape...but I am definitely a relatively lazy person, who doesn't have the motivation or drive to put time and effort into his own personal health. I'm not necessarily afraid of or deterred by death, sickness, etc...but there are definitely aspects of the medical profession, and seeing certain injuries etc, that I could not stomach. I wouldn't talk about it if I'm that far removed from doing it.

7. What do you think of daily chores?
I guess I'm not good at doing them. I only tend to do something when I have realized that it really needs to be done. I'm bad at keeping a specific routine in terms of actions like this, although to be fair, I've only lived on my own for a brief period of time, and so perhaps I'll learn to be better at this. I guess I find them mundane, and they take up time that I'd rather use for other things. Once I do them though, I often find them relaxing, and nice for just thinking and processing. What I don't like is when my level of work is subject to somebody else's standards. If I have to clean or cook for somebody else, that just stresses me out.

8. Books or films you liked? Recently read/watched or otherwise. Examples welcome.
As a kid, I grew up loving the fantasy/adventure kind of genre. Movies & books like Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Chronicles of Narnia, and other more obscure examples of similar genres, were among my favourites/common for me. I still enjoy action movies like this, especially if they have a deep, intriguing plot, with symbolism, motifs, imagery, metaphors, or interesting plot twists. I haven't watched a whole lot of movies or read a whole lot of books more recently in my life, but here are some I have watched and enjoyed more recently. The Dark Knight, Donnie Darko, The Truman Show, Inception. There's probably more. Last book I really read was Mere Christianity. I really like CS Lewis' writing. The reason I like these movies and books is because they make me think, they have levels and layers of meaning. They make me think about my own life, and have these kind of existential layers to them often. Or I just enjoy having to keep up with a movie that is moving fast intellectually, and has all these parts and plot points you could easily miss if you aren't paying attention.

9. What has made you cry? What has made you smile? Why?
The last time I was smiling uncontrollably was when I was making connections about a certain text, learning new stuff, and seeing it in a new way. I smile when I accomplish something I'm proud of I guess. I smile when I make a good joke (which in my own opinion is often) or somebody else does.

I don't cry a lot, I just don't like displaying emotion. When I'm alone, I've cried to music a lot. Songs that help explain some of my negative emotions, or that I can relate to. I cry when I think about my deceased grandmother. I also sometimes fight back tears when watching an emotional movie, especially when there is a person who is left out, bullied, etc, but I really try not to cry because usually other people are around.

10. Where do you feel: at one with the environment/a sense of belonging?
I guess I feel most comfortable sitting on a coach with my laptop out...? I don't know. I feel at home in my actual home, with my family. That is where I am comfortable to be super weird and crazy, or sing or do whatever I feel like (mostly, at least a lot more than other places). I guess just being around people I know. The longer I've been somewhere the more at home I feel. There isn't a specific kind of environment that gives me an instant sense of belonging.

Evaluation & Behaviour
11. What have people seen as your weaknesses? What do you dislike about yourself?
I dislike my own apathy. I plan strategies, but I know it's all a fallacy, and I'll fail miserably, and do the same stupid things over and over again. I feel kind of lazy and complacent, but at the same time have this urge to change things in my life. Other people have noticed that I have a tendency to disengage from people, and not be overly social available. I can also be overly self-critical and critical of others, even if I don't verbalize it, I often think it.

It's very difficult for me to think of specific strengths and weaknesses. I have this general, vague feeling that I am not a good enough person in a lot of ways, but when I try to grasp at certain qualities, I can't really find them. It's the same for strengths as well.

12. What have people seen as your strengths? What do you like about yourself?
People always comment on my intelligence. I don't really know what I like about myself. I guess that it has something to do with being cerebral and deep thinking. I see that as kind of cool. I would like to be considered stoic as well, and like that.

13. In what areas of your life would you like help?
I just want to find more fulfillment and purpose. I feel like I don't quite understand life, like I've just had this extended existential crisis that has been slowly building over the last five years with no resolution in sight. I just want all of life to make sense. I want somebody who can help give me little steps and goals to take so that I can start to see practical changes in my life. I would like help in being more confident and bold in creativity, and interacting with the external world more vigorously and often.

14. Ever feel stuck in a rut? If yes, describe the causes and your reaction to it.
I always feel stuck in a I am lost in life, and everything just doesn't quite fit. Like some haze is over my eyes all the time. I generally ignore it because the feeling, that itch for something more, and something deeper, is so prominent. When I really dwell on it, it tends to scare me, give me anxiety, depression. I feel like I'm never motivated to focus or do anything, whether it be work out, or study a specific skill, or finish a song. I want more inspiration and determination to just complete and accomplish things that are actually meaningful to me.

People & Interactions
15. What qualities do you most like and dislike in other people? What types do you get along with?
I dislike when people are overly clingy and dependent. I like social interaction, but I also need alone time, so when people are constantly wanting to hang out, it gets old for me fast, especially if I'm not super comfortable around them. I get along well with people who are chill...not too intense or high strung, bur rather just going with the flow. If they are also slightly independent, but like my sarcastic jokes enough to still keep inviting me to hang out, then that's awesome. People who like to make jokes, even in the midst of serious discussion are awesome to me. When people want to, and enjoy engaging in both leisurely activities, but also can easily jump into some kind of philosophical discussion, I love it.

I dislike when people are domineering, belligerent, overly competitive, or get overexcited about everything. People who seem fake, and don't care about the deeper questions of life annoy me.

16. How do you feel about romance/sex? What qualities do you want in a partner?
I mean, as pretty much all teenaged boys are, I find women attractive. I've never had a romantic relationship, or sex however, and I'm not obsessive about finding it. I mean, I have a human, male drive for sexual pleasure, as well as intimacy in relationships, but I know some people who are constantly in and out of relationships, or fantasizing about their wedding and romance. I'm not really into that. I find that as I get older, the thought of dating somebody seems more appealing, but at this point I'm content with independence. I think what I'm attracted to in other people is obviously somewhat visual. But on a deeper level, I just like girls who actually seem to be interested in me, and care about me. The ones who put some effort into pulling me out of my shell, interacting with me, getting to know me, bugging me and joking with me. I would want somebody who wants to think deeply, and wouldn't just get upset and try to fix me, but would work alongside me and understand my flaws. I would want a slightly more extraverted partner, who is more dynamic, and pushes me to do some more things I guess.

17. If you were to raise a child, what would be your main concerns, what measures would you take, and why?
I would want them to grow up thinking independently. I wouldn't want them to just be told what to do by people and be taken along in some grand scheme of blind belief. I want them to value truth. I also would want them to be selfless, and truly understand how to love people. I don't want a proud, narcissistic child, but a humble, kind, generous one, with good character.

18. A friend makes a claim that clashes with your current beliefs. What is your inward and outward reaction?
I guess it depends on the context...? Like, if they are totally off base and their is a logical flaw in what they said, and they said it in an overconfident, snarky way...I'll get this kind of nervousness and overeagerness to jump in and dispute it. If they just make the claim in a non-confrontational way, I'll definitely think about it and consider it deeply. My initial reaction is to perhaps think about it, then make an external argument against it, and see what their rebuttals are. If their side makes more sense, I will try to adopt this belief into my system of beliefs. If not, then I try to convince them of why I am right. In most situations I avoid confrontation though. I thoroughly enjoy those moments where I prove somebody wrong, especially when they are overconfident...but I also get very nervous doing it, and usually refrain from voicing my opinion. I might be predisposed instead to go home and mull over what they said, and come up with an argument later in my head that I might just never tell them, unless it comes up again later.

19. Describe your relationship to society. How do you see people as a whole? What do you consider a prevalent social problem? Name one.
Society is such a big thing to tackle, and I'm just one little cog in the dysfunctional, crazy machine. I think people as a whole range in belief and behaviour so much that it is hard to see them in one way. One defining factor is that all people are generally selfish and evil in their behaviours and motivations, more than they let on. I guess I'm not super interested in contributing to society all that much, I have a more pessimistic view about the trends and values of society, and don't tend to value community as much as independence. It's not that I don't value people, and don't want to love them, but that's usually on a more personal level for me than universal.

I think one social problem today is saying that love is equal to tolerance. I think people are afraid of objective truth, and being told that they are wrong. Sometimes the most loving thing is to set somebody on the right direction, even if it seems harsh or uncalled for in the moment. If you don't agree with somebody or something, and have a good reason not to, then telling somebody those reasons in a respectful way should not be viewed as 'hateful' or 'bigotry' in my opinion. The way that people are villainized and dichotomized as good or evil just because they agree or disagree with you is disheartening.

20. How do you choose your friends and how do you behave around them?
I don't know if I choose my friends actively? A lot of the time it seems like they choose me, and I'm just kind of okay with it, or totally not. Like I described earlier, I'm attracted to people who are a little more extraverted and excited than me, but are still chill, and not super arrogant or competitive. People who seem genuine, authentic...

Around my friends, once I know them well, I open up a lot. I am usually the central joke maker in the group, or at least I try to be. This can range from goofiness to dark sarcasm, whatever fits the mood. I usually kind of sit back quietly, then jump in with my input every once in a while, depending on the personalities of the people I am with.

21. How do you behave around strangers?
I guess I just try to ignore them as much as possible. Like, don't bother me and I won't bother you. I will just be as lowkey and reserved as possible, until I get to know somebody. If I'm stranger you won't notice me (I hope).

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I took a socionics test and took pictures of the results. Can someone explain this stuff to me and help me begin understanding what it all means? Here are my results. It may take a bit of time to load.

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Hi justachemical,

Hope you don't mind me adding my 2 cents here,

Honestly super interesting to read this (several times)

I can't decide between LII and ILI. Tricky to say for sure but I would guess alpha quadra with a focus away from competitive situations and from pride, towards free flow of information and discussion of intellectual subjects. Probably LII, looking for people accepting of your quirks, able to open you up emotionally

but then I would say the focus on action, life purpose/destiny/meaning/purpose, the focus on reasonableness and pragramatism away from fakeness and displaying emotion, points to gamma quadra.

Slightly more LII maybe?
Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
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