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hi,lets get started
Did the MBTI-Test 3 times and always the result was INTP.but who trusts 100% in a test were you just have to click buttons?:wink: hope you guys can analyze me abit.:happy:
Eneagramm Typ 5w4
well my interests: -Philosophy(doing it intuitive)
-Poesy (like above)
- Language(Russian,German,English,and a bit French)
-ALSO i like Sport(Especially Bodybuilding)

my abillities: - master in creating comparisons (dont know if this is the right word :/
-always Searching/going the alternativ way
-extreme flexibilität with body and mind.i also consider my character as Dr Banner and Hulk in one person (technicly theyre the same know what im about to say)

Personality: -not very emotional(except anger/Fury)
-pretty instinctiv
-a bit misanthropic (i dont think a human life is that valuable,but i never would disagree to save one.)
hope this wasnt too creepy :crazy:
Feedback & questions are welcome
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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