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Last night I was watching the Japanese TV station "NHK" and there's this TV show called "Cool Japan". It's a show where they take a handful of people who have only lived in Japan for less then one year and talk with them about things they find "cool" in Japan.

Anyway, last-nights show was on "Embarrassment" and the cool Japanese products available to help prevent someone from being embarrassed. But the part of the show that was kind of interesting was when the TV crews when out on the street and tried to talk with local Japanese people, then did the same to "Westerners". It was wild on how much different the personalities were towards the cameras.

Only about 25% of the Japanese people would stop to talk, but about 75% of the Westerners would stop to talk. Then when they went back and asked the group in the studio on their feelings it was clear how different some countries were compared to the next.

If you have the chance to watch it, it's pretty interesting. Goofy, but interesting.

It's called "Cool Japan" and it's on NHK WORLD TV | Programs - Japanese Culture and the show was about "Embarrassment"
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