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Hello world, call me Anastasia (I loved the movie -not 50shades)
I think my name gives away what type of person I am (awkward, clumsy). I like rock and alternative music. I also love books ans Shakespeare, literature in general. I'm studying law and business for my GCSEs (I'm in London) and I'm aspiring to be a judge in the future. I like to draw occasionally, only to copy existing drawings cause I'm unoriginal like that, though I'm not any good.
I honestly have no idea why I came to this site. I'm seriously bored.
My perfect day would be a really rainy day whilst I take a nap or re-read a favourite book or play. Maybe spend a few hours looking at the ceiling thinking over Inception and wether or not we're real and what the meaning of life is.
I also love modern history and everything about the world wars. Essays are a specialty and so is analysis (of literature). Science and maths, not so much.
I have phobia of the dark - for reals.
I'm an atheist. I believe in destiny; it depends.
My dream is to become a book character (preferably an assassin, a magical one) and if that doesn't happen I'll become a judge (£££)
Sherlock fan, both the books and the TV series.
I feel like watching supernatural but I don't want my ovaries to burst like my friend's the moment I see Peter Pan.
Not a fan of Frozen.
Saab? Yes, please.
Don't want kids. Ever. Don't want marriage or relationships. Ever. Just not my thing.
I get very itchy when I get nervous or anxious that people are looking at me on public. Weird.
Extremely open. If you are my friend you will know the menstrual cycle in and out. If you're a guy friend, even more so, and as a bonus you'll know the pain because of how many times I'll get pissed and hit you.
I sleep with a teddy bear called Lancelot.
I need to kiss in the rain one day. ( it wasn't over. And it still isn't)
Apparently Lucifer is supposed to be super hot. Can't imagine why.
I have trouble remembering names. The moment you tell me your name, you get a nickname.
I have a ton of expectations to meet. A ton.
My future is planned out. Not of it will work out without money so fingers crossed.
Very pessimistic and depressing.
INTP? I couldn't be bothere's to read the description.
7w6. I don't think it was accurate. Nothing like me at all.
Total bitch when you hate me. The exact same thing once we become friends.
I'm nice. I think.

I'm nice. I'm okay.

Some guy told me he could fathom me. Someone explain, I don't know whether or not to take it as an insult.
Sports? Exercise? Why are you talking about death?
Couch potato. Probably bed potato is more accurate.
Once you give me a book, I will love and worship you to the grave.
Insecure af. You can't convince me otherwise.
Piano is hard af. Apparently I'm good enough to pass exams though.
Guitars will kill your fingers. One or two strums = 100000 blisters.
I've been slapped on the face once because I was a bratty bitch. ( not by my mum)
I'm a professional singer in the bathroom (AHHHHHHHM GONNA SWIIIiiIiIiIiIiiIiiIIIIIIiiing from the CHANDELIEEEeeeeeeeeEeeeeEeEeeEeeeeeeeR)
Coffee is a magic potion which allows me to become human from 7AM-4PM. All other hours - beware.
Happy Simming!
I'm pretty introvert. Talking to people to damn scary. Trust me, I've tried.

I reckon that enough about me.

If you bother to reply, I'd love to know what kind of person you are too :)

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Well, that was thorough. Starting to question if that's a different between introverts and extroverts...because I never know what to say about myself.

That being said... Hi and welcome!

I like cats. And dogs. And bunnies. And all animals. But like cats the most!
I'm married with a kid. (I know, the horror)
I :love_heart: reading. Pretty much everything....except historical stuff...unless it's given a fictional novel type twist, then I'm game.
My favorite color is blue, but the majority of my closet has clothes that are green. Weird.
Office jobs bore me, but that's what I'm stuck doing from 7:30 to 4:30...
If I had the confidence and the market wasn't so flooded, I'd quit and take on photography full time.
That's not totally true... I have less than a year until I'm vested in the I won't quit until that happens.
Oh, funny fact, my mom held the position I am in before I did. They were doing away with my job, so they shifted me into her job when she retired.

While I suck at thinking up things to talk about, I am pretty much an open book and will answer nearly every question thrown at me. :proud:

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Despite me being an introvert, for some reason I become very talkative and open on the Internet or to people I feel I know.
I really, really like historical books. I'm not sure if they add a twist for it but I'm cool with it so long as it's a good twist.
Animals kind of hate me except for some cats, so I'm almost terrified if I see one on the pavement :/
It sounds cool to be a mother, in the way you don't expand on it. I honestly think I don't like because tons of my family have failed marriages and always complain about kids. But I'm pretty sure it's not my thing and it's not just a phase (sorry mum!)

I think if you are definitely think that you could sustain a photography career or business, I'd say go for it. However, consider that with a full time business/career you'd have to devote a lot of time, money and patience. Even if you're a saint, your patience will be tried.
Albeit, despite the possibility of failure I still think you should do it.
I may be getting ahead of myself, but I'm pretty sure your mother, whilst working that job, probably dreamed of you doing something you'd love. Whether that may be collecting bins for a living or becoming Da Vinci 2.0

Thanks for taking the time to reply. Despite it being vague, you cheered me up :)

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That was thorough indeed and an enjoyable read. Wish I were able to compile such a list about myself, but like the almighty moderator above mentioned -and despite actually being an introvert- I miserably fail whenever asked to; I'm apparently incapable of introspecting on-demand. Since I bothered responding anyway, I'll just say in a sole, long, ugly sentence that I come from a dysfunctional southern EU corner; currently struggle to finish a thesis I should have delivered over a year ago, and to once again force myself to contemplate my professional future; sleep accompanied by a small army of teddy bears and other stuffed animals myself; adore -as virtually everyone on PerC- cats (currently 10 --2 further generations on the way); would like to read more literature (unfortunately all I get to read these days is software standards, as evident from the structure of this post); am socially handicapped, a tad depressed and cynical about the world; love the combination of plain vodka and craft beer; and just found out wtf fathom might actually mean ;-) .

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