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That's a very interesting definition. I think of Itutu's relation to water as the ability to adapt and change, to flow around chaos, to extinguish its emotional fires. To put it more modernly, it's the mental state of being cool under pressure, to zig when they zag; to be cool, calm and collected. This definition reminds me of the calm and serene Buddhist monks who simply carry a pale of water up a mountain top, or that movie Cool Hand Luke, where ol’ Luke stays calm, quiet and relaxed until the right time to fight. In Greek mythology, Hesia (Vesta), the sister of Jove, was the goddess of hearth and flame, who Apollo and Poseidon wanted to marry and sex up, but she rejected them and stayed a virgin goddess for eternity. She was worshiped in temples for being forgiving and calming, never warring like the other gods did. Apparently, the Yoruba of South Western Africa represent “Itutu” with rich artwork, like this:

Itutu reminds me of this recent Vsauce video on the word, cool.

I didn't realize before but the wiki-timeline to the origin of cool came from Itutu in this thread.


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