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Internal time clock

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Although I now wear a watch for many years i didn't bother. I knew instinctively what the time was to within a couple of minutes. I can set the timer on the oven and then walk into the kitchen just as the timer goes off as an example of my internal time keeping. Nothing to do with light or were the sun is in the sky, just natural instinct. I have been told that this is a good indicator of an INFP and that many INFP do not bother to wear watches because of it. Do others have this trait?
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I'm not great with time, but I'm not terrible either. I usually know when I'm running late (which is frequent) and I'll have a general idea of the actual time to within 15-20 minutes or so, but nothing special. If I know I have to wake up for something or I'm worried that my alarm won't go off or something, I will spend half the night waking up to make sure I'm not late and then get all sorts of frustrated with myself for not being more coherent and awake doing whatever it was that I had to wake up for. Tis a bad cycle.

As for wearing a watch, that is something that I usually do, though that has more to do with needing either a light or something to count seconds with, especially when doing floor nursing. Sometimes being precise is required, and a watch with a second hand is Very Necessary for that, especially on night shifts when that's most likely your only easy to find way to keep track of time. Of course, all that only matters when I can /find/ my watch. Wonder where it is right now...?
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