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Internalizing stress - facial changes

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Hi INFJs. I realize that I internalize stress in many ways, but one of the most visible ways is how my face changes. For example, during times when things are bad, I notice that my facial structure seems to change almost completely. Maybe it's not the bone "structure" or whatnot, but my face changes to look really different -- it's hard to explain, but overall, you can tell there's things building up inside, my face looks more "darkened" (not complexion, but overall mood/feel of the face), and other physical changes.

Sorry if this was vague, but I'm wondering if other INFJs have had a similar experience and/or how they were able to physically deal with stress being internalized. Other types I know don't seem to internalize stress as much - obviously, everyone looks a little different when stressed/going through a bad time, but I think INFJs have the most noticeable changes due to how we internalize stress. I work out on a regular basis, so I'm starting to think that there are other ways I need to deal with this.
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I'm young and my face is already showing signs of stress or so people tell me. They enjoy pointing out that I have a stress mark on my lower forehead just between my eyes. They ask me if I'm stressed our something and I never know what to say. :sad: I try not to let stress internalize, but its like rising water. No matter what I do it seems to eventually consume me. INFJs must have a high rate of ulcers :crying:
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