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Interpersonal Rejection Sensitivity

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Along with social anxiety disorder, this is something I've been told I exhibit strong symptoms of.

Any suggestions on how I can battle this?
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I'm thinking social anxiety disorder is a bit more broad, whereas interpersonal rejection sensitivity is something a bit more specific that might account for the former. For instance, you may have SAD, but it may not be caused completely or at all by interpersonal rejection sensitivity... or IRS for short. lol
Out of curiosity, what exactly is the difference between this and SAD?
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I've gotten a lot better since a year ago this time. I feel more mentally healthy. A year ago this time was ugly. A lot of the upturn, as I have said, is discovering this place and such intelligent, enlightened, and compassionate people who actually get where I'm coming from without being judgmental.

I recall writing a chronicle of all the things that had been bothering me over the course of a year and letting my psychiatrist read it. And we both pretty much came to the conclusion that interpersonal rejection sensitivity is a key factor in all of it.

And so I read up on it. And I feel better for knowing that this is something legitimate that many people struggle with. It really takes the edge off to have it normalized.
I read a study about said it was a central feature of social anxiety disorder???. Along with some other research I did, it says the best thing to do is have therapy. I found quite a bit of information on the internet. Sometimes after reading some of your threads on these similar topics I wish I could just give you a big ole hug and make all your problems go away ;] @MonsieurMelancholy. I hate that we have to go through crap like this! Yano I have Bipolar II and PTSD and it makes life very difficult. I hate taking meds and going to therapy but me personally I have to. If not...nothing gets accomplished...and there's no way I could have ever ever made the grades this summer that I did...without it I am literally disabled. I really hope someone here or maybe a therapist can help you. You don't deserve to be going through all this!!!!
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