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Interpersonal Rejection Sensitivity

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Along with social anxiety disorder, this is something I've been told I exhibit strong symptoms of.

Any suggestions on how I can battle this?
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I read a study about said it was a central feature of social anxiety disorder???. Along with some other research I did, it says the best thing to do is have therapy. I found quite a bit of information on the internet. Sometimes after reading some of your threads on these similar topics I wish I could just give you a big ole hug and make all your problems go away ;] @MonsieurMelancholy. I hate that we have to go through crap like this! Yano I have Bipolar II and PTSD and it makes life very difficult. I hate taking meds and going to therapy but me personally I have to. If not...nothing gets accomplished...and there's no way I could have ever ever made the grades this summer that I did...without it I am literally disabled. I really hope someone here or maybe a therapist can help you. You don't deserve to be going through all this!!!!
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