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Interpreting other peoples personality types

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I was just curious about how you guys tell what other peoples personality types are? Are there any ways you that make you more sure of someone's personlity type, or is it pretty impossible to be so sure of what someone is?
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I love trying to figure out what other people's types might be, but I'll usually avoid it until I've known them for at least a few months. And even then, it's with the awareness that I could very well be way off, and that even if I'm right, that doesn't really mean I understand the person well because a type description doesn't say that much about who someone really is.

That being said, for some reason I seem to spot people who are probably INTJs fairly easily. I had a professor and a friend who after several months I was almost certain they were INTJs because of the way they explained their thought process when making decisions. ENTJs and ESTJs are also fairly easy to spot (or at least, to spot people who are very similar to either description), and I think that's because my sister is an ESTJ, and also because ESTJs almost always rub me the wrong way when I interact with them lol (it doesn't always stay like that, obviously).

But I think some people are just easier to type (or rather, guess at their type) than others, because not everyone fits as cleanly into one personality description. The introvert/extrovert thing is usually the easiest, but again, if you don't know someone very well, you could still be wrong.

Ultimately it's an interesting thing for me to consider because it encourages me to try to understand the people around me more so I can better relate to them. But I don't ever want to get caught in the trap of thinking that I've got someone figured out just because I think I know their type. People are so much more complex than that.​

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