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Interpreting other peoples personality types

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I was just curious about how you guys tell what other peoples personality types are? Are there any ways you that make you more sure of someone's personlity type, or is it pretty impossible to be so sure of what someone is?
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I can't type random people or acquaintances. I type my immediate family, friends, people I date on a consistent basis, and people at work that I spend a lot of time with.
And even then after all that time spent together, I still can't type the majority of my coworkers, bosses and friends. Even if I spend years with them, I just can't figure it out. But some people are quite obvious. Depends. What I perceive first of all is whether they seem more E or I, and then I go for the T/F. Once I figure that out, because it's the easier in terms of letter, I look into the rest of it.

I focus on their two most evident functions, and go from there.
I also do a process of substraction. Instead of figuring out what functions they use, I figure out the ones that they don't (seem to) use, and by discarding you get to meat of the type, more or less. Like I figured easily that my brother in law was an ENTP because his Ne is absolutely fucking crazy. The Ne is so loud it's undeniable. So knowing that, I can start to put together the puzzle. Took me years to type him, though. And I still have friends from high school that I spent years with, and to this day I still can't tell what functions they used.
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