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Far too many people interview for jobs the way someone with Borderline Personality Disorder goes about selecting a romantic partner.

A single Borderline is so desperate for a relationship that just about anyone will do, provided they are willing to give the Borderline attention. The Borderline will do everything they can to tell this person what they want to hear, to show this person what they want to see, to pretend to be the exact sort of person the other person is looking for. That is the hook. Then, once the person has been hooked and the honeymoon phase of the relationship is over, it is an inexorable downhill slide from that point on. Finally, comes the devaluation and the discard. It is inevitable.

How many people go job hunting just like that, with the attitude of, "Just about any job will do, provided they're willing to hire me." (Now, if your bills are piling up and you're about to be evicted or something, I can see the logic. But otherwise? No.) How many go to job interviews and just do their best to tell the interviewers whatever they want to hear, show them whatever they want to see, pretend to be the person the interviewers are looking for, whether they truthfully are "that person" or not?

Unless your financial situation is so bad that you're either homeless or about to become so, this is the wrong, wrong, WRONG way to go about it. You might pretend to be just about anyone for an hour, but can you pretend to be "that person" for 40+ hours a week for months, or even years?

I'll tell you what you should do. It's absolute magic, and it almost guarantees that you won't end up in an organizational culture which would be toxic to you, or stick you with a boss that you are absolutely incompatible with personality-wise.


"What do they want to hear, omg, what should I say omg omg, I'll pretend and tell them whatever they want to hear but what do they want to hear omg omg omg..."

Sounds like the mindset of a goddamn Borderline with her sights set on another victim, seriously. Just don't.

If someone finds you seriously off-putting, the odds approach 100% that you won't be able to stand them either, especially over the long term.

So, just be yourself. :kitteh:
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