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Is it possible? I've been called very domineering and I have a love for wisdom, but I also value independence and autonomy, as well as the power to change myself and the desire to impact the world with my ideas. I'm an introvert but I don't mind being around those I enjoy being with, but I seek time alone after interacting with them.

I've read that 8w7 types are generally extroverted and are ENTJs, but I am sure that my Ni is over my Te, and my Fi is unusually high most of the time, sometimes above my Te, yet I can feel related to the 8w7 description. Any thoughts on this?

I feel related to 5w4 as well, but based on what I've read, they're usually not confident and aren't charismatic, though I've been told that I possess both of those qualities strongly by my close friend. Despite these qualities, I am very caring with those I love and will strive to make their lives happier in the future.
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