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This has bugged me all these years and I am wondering if I should bring it up with her (she broke up with the guy mentioned earlier). We have not talked in a long while and I have no idea what her relationship status is. I am afraid I still have lingering feelings.... I wonder if she does too? I doubt a relationship is feasible after all this, but would she be receptive to me opening up about this? It is the only topic I haven't been able to bring up with anyone and it really gnaws at me. Can I get closure here? (and maybe her too?)
I think in life one of the only times you really fail is when you fail to try.. Some time has passed.. and hopefully you both have matured some.. and old wounds have (hopefully) healed. If nothing else.. at the end of the day, you'll know you put one last effort into it. Regardless of the outcome, I could live with that if it were me in your position... Perhaps she's just waiting to swoon.. you never know! :)

P.S. Orbital, why haven't you pounced on that INTJ yet? Your personality obviously rocks (funny/smart) and your over-concern about your Pness makes me think you would be a really caring and great girlfriend.
Well.. I don't get to interact with him very often.. and I have this nagging fear that he might actually be ISTJ. Don't get me wrong.. this wouldn't be so horrible except (possibly just my experience), I have found SJs very hard to play with mentally. Please believe me.. I try.. but it's a little like tossing a ball at someone who just stands there looking at you like you've grown two heads.. :crying: I also have tried teaching a few SJs to mentally play.. They didn't seem too into it.. It was a little too outside the box for them I think. I have come to realize just how much being able to mentally play with a mate means to me.. I won't settle for someone I can't play with. I don't mean mental playing as in "head games" I mean just taking a silly idea and running with it mentally to the ridiculous end..
Not being able to mentally play with a perspective mate is actually something of a deal breaker for me. If he can't keep up with me and play back.. I'm so over it.. and him.. :shocked:

I'm going to have to investigate the possible INTJ/ISTJ a little more. I've been trying to play with him the last few times I've run into him.. he's given me a blank stare back so far... it's a little iffy at this point.. but I'll press on for now. Somehow I'm going to figure out some way to make this man laugh.. there has to be something he considers funny.. right?? Even if it's just milk coming out of my nose... there has to be something!!! :tongue: I wished I crossed paths with him more.. it would make it easier to assess him... :sad:
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