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I have a crush on another INTJ. We met on a dating site. I was looking just for friends, but that didn't matter so much. First we went along wit this guy really very well, we even talked as far as to having marriage and started making plans together, but then things somehow went wrong, he said that this online relationship is unreal, as we live in different countries and the fastest we could meet each other is only after several months. He also mentioned, he might be bi-polar, so that is a thing, too.
The problem is, I love him already, and I cannot imagine having relationship with any other man. I feel and I have this feel that I intend to do anything to be together with him.

Any good experiences here?
Do you think INTJ-INTJ relationship can generally work?

Is there any person, who's currently in INTJ-INTJ relationship, and in a rather happy and satisfying one?

I know that every situation is different but I want to hear other people's experiences/opinions. Do I have any chance with this guy, and, what would you do, if you were in my shoes. :rolleyes:
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