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I love this place already!

Personal ~

* Name - What do you preferred to be called? Lisa
- Any nicknames? No

* Male/Female/Trans? Female

Location - Where were you originally born? Arlington, VA
Where do you live today? VA Beach area
Any interesting story behind that? Not really. I moved here from the DC area about 11 years ago, to marry my ex-husband. I stayed after we divorced. I'd love to go back to DC, but I'm waiting until my children are older.
- If you could get up and go anywhere in the world at the present moment, where would you go and why? Greece. I am a mythology fanatic and have wanted to visit since I was a young child.

Age - How old are you? 40
Do you think you act your age? Not really. Most people are surprised when they hear how "old" I am.
If not, explain which age you think you resemble most. Do it for the laughs. Hahahaha...25? But, I suspect that is wishful thinking... My children think I'm a "cool mom" so that makes me feel young.

Personal(ity) ~

* What is your Myers-Briggs personality type and for how long have you been reading on personality theory? INTJ. I first learned about MB years ago. My interest was recently renewed thanks to the Organizational Behavior course in which I am currently enrolled.

* What type do you usually test as? INTJ. Every time. When I was younger, I think I was more of an ENTJ, but life and experience have beaten the E out of me. Just kidding. Sort of. Or not.

* What are your favorite and least favorite personality types to be around? I like almost least, for a little while. lol

If you've taken any other personality tests, included but not limited to tests like the Enneargram and Big 5 (SLOAN), what were your results? n/a

Occupation ~

* Employed or Unemployed? Employed corporate slave. Also own two businesses and am in college - again.

What is your education? In college, tell us your major. BS in Health. Completed 1/2 of a Masters in Nutrition. Got bored and moved on. Currently completing a BS in Marketing/Professional Writing, with a focus on contact writing. I love school. Now, if I could find someone to pay me to be a full-time student for the rest of my working years...

What is your dream job? Psychotherapist, Pathologist, or Epidemiologist. I may pursue one of those when my son is older. I am obsessed with diseases and epidemics. The highlight of my college experience last year was the Ebola documentary we watched in Microbiology lab.

About You ~

* Tell us in a brief paragraph or two how you would describe yourself and what you hope to get out of this forum.
I'm fascinated by human behavior and interaction. I am a member of several other forums, but none like this one. I'm hoping to enjoy intellectual conversation and learn from the other members.

Other ~

What is your favourite section at the toy-store? Puzzles
Do you collect anything? yes - depression glass, sea glass, and books
What are your phobias? heights - and it irks me to no end
Describe your favourite food until you drool. good NY pizza and chocolate
Some of the things that you give you jollies? books and good coffee
What are your top five pet peeves? lying, "text speak", texting in general, people who talk too much, gossip
What would a perfect day be like for you? coffee, weight training, quiet time to study, walk on the beach
Do you prefer a vegetarian or meat diet or both? I don't eat much meat. I was a vegetarian for 11 years. One day a few years ago, I just HAD to have a cheeseburger. I have been eating meat ever since.

Other Other ~ Yay or Nay?

God and Souls - Nay
The Death Penalty- Nay
Premarital Sex - Yay
People are inherently good - Yay
Destiny - Nay
Done drugs
Kissed in the rain - Yay
Re-reading a good book - Yay

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