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I'd love to have some advice about my INTJ friend. This is a little longer than I anticipated.

This friend is in high school, and had an encounter with a girl that was rather attractive. She is likely an ESFP, and is highly attracted to my friend. She's also not very shy, so she comes off rather too "friendly", and forward, and sexy.

My INTJ friend was caught off guard, and a somewhat sexual encounter occurred, that didn't go "too" far, but far enough.

He kind of wishes he didn't get caught up "in the moment", but - he knows he can't take that back. This girl simply isn't his type. She's since become VERY friendly with multiple partners.

The activity came to a stop with this girl, before she began heading down this path with him, and he put a stop to it. But, something interesting has come up, and now he's *really* torn as to what to do.

He met a girl, that turns out to be the "half-sister". He really likes her, and really respects her. She's not like her sister, and wants (out of a relationship) the same thing my friend wants: friendship, companionship, too many interests line up, so...with the hopes of it blossoming into a real relationship.

They get along so very well, but she's informed my friend, that anytime she thinks about getting closer to him...her sister's face pops into her head. She doesn't think she can see him anymore, other than just being a friend.

I know this is a rather common dilemma, but insight into how he can truly convey to her that he sees here differently, that she's someone that he would likely go the extra mile for...and the ONE relationship he's EVER had (with the sister), was something that simply wasn't in his personality, something that...again, caught him off-guard.

Wisdom. Insight - this is what he seeks. What would one do, if they wish to pursue this relationship...and convince her that she's simply very special, in his eyes.
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