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My name is Lauren. I'm 24 years old and am currently living in Southern California. I am a Geology major who loves learning about natural hazards, unique rock formations, watershed management, as well as the US Southwestern deserts (specifically Sonoran and Mojave).

I also enjoy talking about critical issues that impact the wellbeing of humanity, such as resource management, urban planning, sustainable living, renewable energy, economics, and I'll also throw in conspiracies and history.

I have an online project that I have been working on called Discuss Reality where I share information about the topics I listed above, here's a link to my youtube page:

DiscussReality - YouTube

Other than that I love travel and exploring unique and bizarre locations whether it's in the bowels of Los Angeles or out in the middle of the desert. Learning something new is always appealing to me. I look forward to making new friends and hopefully meeting some of you who also live in So Cal!

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