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INTJ needs help with ESFP roommate

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I've lived with an ESFP for about a year. I know it's a bad match, but we've turned out to be really good guys are so friendly. He's even counted me as part of his family. Which makes what I have to do harder.

I knew he had a drug habit before he moved in. I thought it was recreational, as it turns out it's more of a lifestyle choice. He smokes synthetic pot 6+ times a day. Probably something bad happened in his past that he doesn't want to remember. I've unsuccessfully tried to get him to open up about it. I've tried to make him get professional help or at least realize the destructiveness of his habit. All attempts to curb his drug habit have been unsuccessful. We are fairly young but his life is going nowhere - I managed to talk to his family and get him on anti-depressants. But he still won't kick the habits that got him depressed in the first place. I haven't told his family of his drug use.

My life continues on. I recently started a hedge fund - buy ANR. Typical INTJ being an INTJ. It's become hard to watch him throw his life away, I cannot do it anymore. I need to ask him to move out but how can I do it without him taking it personally? I don't think that's possible, but I'd like to maintain a friendship with the guy. Should I tell his family about his drug habit? Although, that would certainly ruin the friendship...
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Or man ;). But I agree fully, romantic companionship can REALLY help, especially when the two are TRULY in love. But getting laid would help too.
Does he have a girlfriend? The best way to get a man on the right track, is by a good woman! ;)
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