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My name is Joe and supposedly I'm an INTJ.

I didn't want to do this in the intro forum because there are weird people there, and also I have some questions.

To start off with I took a couple of these tests on different sites and aside from one they told me that I'm an INTJ. The one different test told me ISTJ but it also told me EFTP. I think it was broken.

The descriptions I read about INTJs do match me in a few areas, but then again I can thumb through an astrology book and find descriptions that match me. So that doesn't merit much in my book.

Despite all my research, I have yet to find sources that I find to be credible that aren't wikipedia or don't just bash on the theory as a whole which irritates the crap out of me. Official money making websites don't count as credible either.

I've found a few sites through google and on this website, but the best one I've found so far is triple w dot myersbriggs dot org (I ain't no dang spam bot!)

What I'm asking for is good, intelligent, credible sources (don't just link me to wikipedia) that won't try to sell me something.

Cuz, I still don't buy this. But I don't know enough about it to write it off yet either.

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I didn't want to do this in the intro forum because there are weird people there
Well you didn't do well enough to avoid me! :tongue:

I hope you will find this book to be enlightening:

Jay C. Thomas, Daniel L. Segal, "Comprehensive Handbook of Personality and Psychopathology , Personality and Everyday Functioning (Volume 1)"

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here is another:

Aptitude, Personality and Motivation Tests: Analyse Your Talents

Download AptitudePersonalityMotivationTests.rar for free on

you shouldn't let peoples weirdness bother you, I am very weird
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