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INTJ or INFJ male?

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I posted this in the wrong section. So I post it again in the right one now :

Here are some traits of one guy I got to know. I am quite sure, he's INxJ now. Just unsure which type of.

- He comes off as Extraverted but he's not.
He opened up to me that he needs time for him self. That he can't stay around people for too long. That he just loves being in the nature and enjoying nature, enjoys going on holidays by himself.

-He's very organized, big planner, plans everything in advance. No room for some Pness. He's J.

- Im not sure how funny he finds me. I think, he finds my silly humor appealing but still yet, he often looks at me as if he just understands half of my jokes.
I am random, disorganized and forgetful and it seems to amuse him. Yet, random off-the-wall movies I like don't seem to make it for him. He either loves deep meaningful movies, or romantic ones with nice landscapes, or acceptable comedies or stand-up shows.

-he's very into sport. At a high level. He sounds quite Se. He has a lot of admiration for emergencies doctors and people who are quick decision makers in the medecine field.

- he's brilliant (he's a physician).

- he's not artsy or does not appear as artsy.

-in his job, he built a new place for standardization of one need for patients in his field. Basically, he opened a place where computering will objective pain and give rehabilitation strong advices on how to keep on rehab with the patients. It sounds quite Te, I know... But I suspect his ex-wife was ENTJ anyway. So maybe Te is contagious....

he doesn't manage to say no to people. He's thoughtful. But on the other hand he's quite straightforward in his mailing /text messages. No room for small talk.
typical mail to people is "Hi, absent.Good day"

He's quite warm to people. He will always come and greet with a big smile, people he knows. Whatever history you have with him. As if he would like you to always feel at ease with him.
He's honest and is not the type of guy who chase any girl.
He's still into his ex wife (i suspect to be an ENTx maybe ENTJ) after 4 years of separation. Doesn't move on.
He got very affected (quite openly) by the death of a family member recently (uncle).
He hates listening to people complaining in his private life because he listens to much to people complaining in his job.
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Sounds fairly INFJ-ish but with a heavy burden of some kind, I think (from what you've said).
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