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Intj or intp? Solve it ;)

Hi everybody.
So I'm starting this new thread because I want you to tell me what type I am based on the things I'm going to tell you now. Prepare yourselves to read and pay attention. This is important (? and also... the title is a clickbate, I'm sure you know my type, but I have it unexpectedly hard deciding this particular thing. hmmm.​

I love making plans, schedules, putting things in order, etc. But I'm not good at sticking to them since I get tired really fast. It's like I'd do it for a day or two, even for a week but it's exhausting, that's why I decided to do auto-hypnosis, so that way MAYBE I could stick to a plan for a long period of time. Right? Sure.

I need preparation to get into the university. I've been thinking about this for a long time, basically since I was fifteen, but I've always procrastinated a lot, so I'm doing it now, five month before the final test. I'm also really confused about which university I should go to. Each one of them have a lot of good and bad stuff. When it comes to the emotional part it's difficult for me, because one of these universities I have to choose is near my sister's mother in law and she doesn't want me to live with her, although this is the best education I can get from an institution in my county. But I give a f***k how she feels about that, the thing is that my parents won't let me go if she says she feels that way. The other university is nearer from my family, but I'll have to pay for and apartment + food + materials for school + etc. I prefer it simple: I don't have to work for paying that shitty apartment or spend my scholarship (universities in here are free, but if you have are one the best in your high school or bachelor they give you a scholarship you don't have to return. Awesome, right? Although this money come from the taxes my parents pay for, but still).

Until a few months ago I was really scared because I didn't know what career I was going to apply for. I've always liked Medical School, or something related to that, but most part MD. Although I didn't know (note that I'd used "didn't know a lot") if I was going to enjoy being an MD, so I listed the careers based on my interest and they were so many I became crazy: philosophy, literature, engineering, chemistry, music, mathematics, biology, languages, anthropology, and so on. I was really lost, but I decided to stick with the fist option, it was logical. I wanted to be a doctor since I was a kid because all the doctors that took care of me sucked, so I'd just try to not be that shitty at that job. And if I think about it, I'll be maybe good since I like solving problems. But I don't know.

Another thing is that I'm messy as f***k, although I'm trying to get stuff done everyday like cleaning, or doing homework. Now I'm reaching a week of doing the housekeeping. Yey! -.-

I leave homework 'till I don't have anymore time to do it but "right now". I'd do it fast, but I like it to be perfect. When I start something I can't stop, but I hate the part where I have to start, it's so much effort. Also, I'm angry when things don't go the way I expected, because that means I didn't think about that specific possibility and that drives me crazy wondering how smart I am, or why I am so dumb to not notice that. I have to think all the options carefully, I'm angry when I don't, it's my thing, like Bart when he does his thing, it's the same.

I don't like when I can't do something or achieve a goal. I'd leave it for a while and then, all of the sudden, go and do it like a boss (? No, but really, I do it, not like a boss, but at least pretty good...

Although my thinking is completely rational sometimes people don't get me and then I have a hard time trying to explain every single thing to them so they can understand. That annoys me a lot. I don't like thinking that people are stupid, but sometimes I can't help it, and I feel guilty because that puts me in a position of calculating how much people worth for their intelligence. I mean, maybe they are not the smartest people on the Earth, nevertheless they have abilities some might need, like... I don't know, themselves, so I don't have to deal with them. They can just handle it by helping each other without me. That's why I don't underestimate the potential of a person that can deal with something I hate or don't like that much.

I love music and I've tried creating new songs with no success though. I like the process my mind goes through. I don't have any trouble writing or reading, I love it too. But I suck at writing to, as you can see.

Sometimes I get very interested in one thing and do a lot of research about that topic to know as much as I need, when I reach that point where I feel full of it, I just loose the interest and start on a new thing. Now I'm on MBTI and two weeks ago I was on auto-hypnosis, and so on. I'd like to stick to something without being obligated to do it, just feel it... like I needed to do it. Got it?

I love using lateral thinking to solve problems, like that book that makes you jump into an unthinkable conclusion, you know? also like comparing situations or using examples of what I see or think in daily life experiences. I do that all the time, just imagining. I have an amusing time learning new thing. Never tired of it: languajes, sports, music, math, physics, literature, etc.

I'm 17 and I don't know what the hell I'm going to do with my life. I have to get into the university in the next five months and by this time everyone I know had already decided what they are going to do for living. But no me, I'm f***d up.

I don't think knowing my type of personality will help me figure out anything in life, but at least I'll fill that gap I have since I started wandering about this.

Finally, as the last clue: I love knowing things and talking to someone about them and also about my discoveries. My friend told me she's an INTJ. She gets bored when we talk about important and interesting stuff such as the things I've took the time to investigate in or the things she knows....but, she likes gossiping, bringing memes into the conversation or telling me how sad and bad she feels about herself (I always try to avoid getting to that point, I don't know how to react. I literally tell her: "I don't know what to tell you or how to react to what you're telling me"). All those things are totally fine, I get it... maybe I don't, but still, sometimes she's funny, but that doesn't fill me or interest me slightest bit.

Thanks to her, I can interact more with people... like saying hi or bye to my classmates. Human interaction is one of my biggest interests, so I'm learning from her how relation-ships work.

And the last thing: I don't think she's an INTJ. But still can learn from her, and this is the last year I'm going to see her. Hope she gets more interesting when she starts university.

I don't know what personality I have, but I'm opened to any opinion :|

So, what you think? Is my friend an INTJ? Just kidding, I want to know what I am.

By the way, I'm not a native English speaker, so forgive my ignorance if something is misspelled or an idea is not well written or developed the right way. Sorry ;)

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You seem strongly INTP to me. Here's why:

Tendency to procrastinate, indecisiveness, starting something and not finishing it and quickly moving from interest to interest. Messy and disorganized room.
- This seems very Ne to me. Some qualities of heavy Ne people are: prone to procrastination, indecisive, can struggle with following through on projects.

You love learning new things for the sake of learning, even if no goal is really accomplished by it. This is heavy Ti. Te people love to learn, but usually just learn things when they know they will accomplish a goal they have in mind. Ti people love learning just to learn. For example, when learning about a topic, a Te person would more likely say, "I'm learning about this topic so that I can one day be really good in this hobby." A Ti person would more likely say, "I'm learning about this topic just because I feel like learning about it and it interests me."

I'm not sure about your friend, but yeah she doesn't seem very INTJ to me. You don't seem INTJ to me either. You seem much more INTP.

INTP Functions stack: Ti, Ne, Si, Fe
INTJ Functions stack: Ni, Te, Fi, Se
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