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I really need help/opinions on this one. I've taken the MBTI test and got INTJ. I can see on some points I do relate, but I always feel like I'm more a sensor, making me ISTJ- but then again, I don't fully relate to the ISTJs as well.

Firstly, ISTJs are known to live in the present whereas INTJs sort of 'lives' in the future. They plan for the future. On this point, I definitely relate to an INTJ. Since 4th grade, I have known what I wanted to do with my life. Without a future view, I think everything you're doing in the present could be irrelevant.

ISTJs are so scheduled, disciplined and have order in what they do. I usually have scheduled and things planned, but I wouldn't really call myself 'disciplined' - as my work environments at times can appear untidy. However, I do always have a plan- or schedule how I would get something done.

ISTJs are tend to be serious with not much sense of humor. I'm full of dry humor, sarcasm and dirty jokes.

However, the part where I don't relate to an INTJ is this:
I don't believe on something unless I've seen it with my own eyes.

I need prove for basically everything in an argument, and I tend to win arguments based on solid proofs. If a person begins to argue based on their intuition, I usually get pretty pissed.

Creativity. Some people call me creative, other's don't. - I play piano and can play tunes just by listening to the song or music, although I've never had piano lessons in my life. Some people think this is creativity and other's say this is more an observation. I'm not really good at drawing or other creative stuff, music is basically the only thing.

I don't think I'm an abstract thinker.

However I relate more to the cognitive functions of INTJ, and that's all the MBTI I got on the several different test I took for MBTI.

So after reading this long detailed story, can anyone spot what MBTI I might be?
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