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... I like to see how each individual piece of a system works, and I think I start from details, connecting each piece as I go until I can come to a grander view of something.
Yes this kind of connecting things into one model is result of having intuition dominant. Intuition likes to interconnect many details together into one single whole something.

Once something sparks my interest, I delve into it completely, going as far as each disparate thread will let me, sometimes jumping from related wiki page to wiki page for hours. I will never say I'm an expert in something because there is always something more to know...
I think the thing I don't like so much about INTJ is the "scientist" name
"The Scientist" label comes from process you have described - striving to study something in depth, seeking out possibilities and connects that might be out there that you haven't discovered yet, feeling that more exists beyond what you already know. Don't think of the word "scientist" rigidly - it is more symbolic of kind of thought process rather that career type or religion choice.

Here is detailed INTP profile:
See if you can relate to it, though my hunch is that you are intuition dominant.
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