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What is your opinion about INTJs?

Would you find romantic interest in one?

What does it take to be romantically interested in someone?
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My opinion may not count because I'm an ENXJ, but I find them to be quite intellectually stimulating (at least, most of the time). I could have a romantic interest in one, but they are generally too detached for my "tastes." A colleague, however - awesome.
I completely agree. I have an INTJ colleague that I find hilarious- but I've never dated one, I don't think. I guess I prefer someone a little warmer (outwardly) and less cynical (not that all INTJs are cynical- just the ones I've met have been)...
hum, so maybe its the perception we give enfjs? The cold exterior is exactly that, just an exterior, we are actually warm affectionate people on the inside. We just keep that part for those few special people.
yeah if you work on expressing that "warm affectionate people" thing you will become more appealing to a lot more people because most of you don't express it to any degree
just as same as if more people made solid sense, you'd also find them more interesting too

i can probably get romantically interested in INTJ, but not if he is not too critical
my friend is an ENFJ. She is amazing! honestly one of the most amazing people ive met in this life. I love having them around, they are so much fun.
For ENFJ's our sensitivity is high despite our friendly exterior, we show our true selves to only a few and we tend to wait until we are 100% certain someone likes us before making any type of move. INTJ's may not be very good at showing how they feel putting ENFJ's into doubt about intentions, causing us hurt. INTJ's may down play their true feelings and emotions in order to protect themselves but this only hurts an ENFJ, an ENFJ would prefer directness and honesty. INTJ's can be very endearing and surpising when they do show those feelings. ENFJ's love flattery, we give so much to everyone around us and when someone notices this and compliments us on this we are usually floored. ENFJ's look for kindness and thoughtfulness in others, we find this incredibly attractive and we are the type to look beyond looks and are more interested in the person themselves then what they look like. We enjoy intellectual conversations and we are very intelligent even though we are "F"'s on the MBTI. Deep conversations are something we relish and INTJ's do as well.
How long does a first impression last?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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