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INTJ's and ENTJ's?

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I have a problem getting along with other INTJ's (and no I don't mean you gang members on perc.) I know other ENTJ's that feel the same way. Do other INTJ's find ENTJ's hard to get along with? Do you think this applies to other NT types? And why?
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That thread (the parts that I saw) were only about ENTJ's.

Redundant thread is redundant. Go read this thread and post there.
I get along best with ENTJs. We value the same things and speak the same language. However, we both think pretty highly of our abilities so that can lead to some head butting if you're not careful.

I find that I have a default way of treating others that is based on them being very different from me. This is because most of the world IS very different. If I treat an ENTJ in the default manner, we have problems. However, if I assume they think like me, then it is fine. It can take a while to wrap your head around this if you are used to dealing with a lot of S and F types.

INTJs and ENTJs can explicitly negotiate their relationship, which is really different from other types who expect you to do various rituals and social niceties to establish how you interact, and if you try being direct they freak out and feel attacked.
I get along just fine with INTJs. One of my closest friends is one and we have fantastic conversations. He has helped me immensely in business and personal life with his insights. I, in turn, have helped to support and push many of his ideas forward in the workplace that other people couldn't understand nor appreciate.
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