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INTP Comedians!

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Hey my INTP pals, comrades, and the *shifty eyes* others,

I stumbled across a separate INTP forum the other day, and came across Demetri Martin as a candidate for an INTP comedian. I like his work,

I'm not sure if INTPs have their own list of comedians yet-- But, I don't really care. :D

Hey, I'm not sifting through the INTP threads presented here. It's worse than at the ENTP forums-- No, scratch that. It's probably about the same.

Actually, maybe we're worse.

Anyway. Voila.
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Damn how old is that video? The BBC crowd sucks, that set was hilarious.

Anyways, Detemtri is definitely a cognitive feel good for all the Ti Ne dominates.

Another candidate for INTP comedian - Tina Fey, anyone?
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Woody Allen certainly comes across as one in movies like Annie Hall but then again, it is just the way he wants us to look at him so who really knows.
Steven Wright!

Dimitri Martin is good. I love his "material enhancers" and Steven Wright style of presentation and jokes. that being said, here is my favorite comedians in no particular order:

Dimitri Martin
Steven Wright
Nick Swardson is pretty good until he starts getting crude
Bill Cosby
Dat Phan
Daniel Tosh is ok
Dane Cook used to have some good jokes but he was so crude I stopped listening to him.
I've listened to bit of Carlin, and he was funny, but too crude for my taste. I don't like the cursing every other word. or vulgar expressions. (I like his bit about talking to a police officer when you get pulled over: "Hey... Don't I pay your salary?" they like that when you're interested in the state budget. "You're a public servant. GET ME A GLASS OF WATER!")
Bill Engvall
Brian Regan
Jeff Allen is hilarious. I like his jokes about married couple. he's a christian comedian, all that means is that his jokes aren't vulgar.
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