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Hey guys, kind of need some help here. So... I've always felt that I was an ENTJ, but recently, after graduating college, I have found myself in an odd directionless phase, a little overwhelmed by the opportunities. Trying to decide if I should follow society (parents) expectations (becuase who the hell really gives a crap about what society expects of you) and my own passion ( which I tried to stop as a kid because it was frowned upon as it didnt equal academic success). I've taken Jungian's Cognitive Function test and have gotten the following results:

Ti 11.07
Te 8.08
Ne 5.88
Ni 5.26
Se 2.48
Si 1.47
Fi -1.06
Fe -3.02

Which makes me ether INTP or ENTJ. I feel like I randomly go into phases of each type. What types of information would I need to provide you guys with to find out?

A few things:
I really love to organize and categorize things.
I over think things a lot but end up just acting off a gut feeling because there are too many factors to consider.
I can be extremely bossy. My mom used to call me step mom.
I never used to tell people my feelings, but recently have decided to change that to improve myself.
I love to brainstorm ideas, get really excited, but projects seem to always end up unfinished, as I have found something else interesting to persue.
As a kid, I've always been tougher than the boys, personality and physically
As a kid, I never wanted to show my weaknesses or soft spots, and still don't
I can't seem to stay at one job.
Hate people telling me what to do, or giving me"advice" with hidden incentives.
Strong dislike of people telling me what to do.
Always correcting logical inconsistencies in people.
I love my parents, but are really rough to them, and sometimes i am unintentionally disrespectful. Though I have taught myself to apologize straight after.
I go throught phases of socializing then really needing long periods of alone time.
I have great people skills, but find it exhausting to keep in contact with everyone.
At a given time, I usually have one friend that I'm very close to.
I find it really hard to find balance. I either do something or I don't. I have still yet to learn moderation.
Ever since I was a kid, I never liked to listen to anyone, and still can't work with a boss, as my personality is probably too strong (eg. if they are wrong they are wrong, it doesn't matter who they are.
I wont pretend I like you if I don't.

THANKS IN ADVANCE. really looking forward to hearing from you guys!

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You definitely sound like an ENTJ.
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