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An INTp is socionics is an INTJ in MBTI.

So how can one be an INTP in MBTI and an INTJ is socionics, haven't they got the same basic principle ?

I can't be an INTj in socionics because basically may main problem is whether I'm a T or an F. I know for sure I'm an N and I can't be an S.

Socionics' interpretation of this is that your dominant is Intuition and inferior is Sensing, is the Auxiliary and Tertiary that are in conflict, therefore you don't know for sure whether you're a T or F.

About descriptions: I can tell for sure that too much data is too much for me. Usually after reading something I have a tendency to quit reading and analize (but not consciously analize like Ti you know, doing something else and the information just gets me some way, I guess this must be Ni in case I'm an INTJ).

I think I'd rather use the phrase "In general" rather than "In particular" which is contrary to socipnics description of INTJ (Their INTp), when I'm presenting an idea I don't go for absolute truths, I'm more like "As far as I know" or "In my experince" because I know I can be wrong (which is also not an INTJ trait, more like an INTP trait comming from Ne).

I'm not serious, and INTJs in MBTI are supposed to be quite serious, the INTPs are the ones that aren't. I'm quite emotionally expressive but only when I want to, I'm not just random expressive nor over-react.

When I was younger, I used to have problems integrating or connecting to other people. I don't know if that was because I was socially awkward (I probablly was a little socially awkward, I had no social skills, no social experience) which I think it's inferior Fe, but I guess it could be also inferior Se, less presence in the enviroment, but it could also be due to my introversion, probably my introversion had a big role in it.

I don't like losing arugments or being wrong (even though I'm not bothered by this form a rational point of view, emotionally I am) which is actually an INTJ trait, INTPs are said to be dead objective, or at least close to that, they either go no emotional or maximum emotional vulcano but generally stick to the former, which is not something I could say for myself, my emotional reactiviy level is quite regular, except I don't show it, I don't like to. Contrary to INTPs who baerly feel it until it reaches a higher level when it explodes, they are rather black and white in dealing with their emotions, I'm not.

I can't say I like routine I always like doing new things, and tring new stuff, I don't know how true this is, but INTJs are said to like routine and the Perceivers are the ones more phrone to doing new things in a new way and trying new stuff. My alignment to rules is netural, I don't know how this could help but it might give a clue for those who know more about personality types theories than me.

I consider myself and can be both an analitical and visionary person, which is basically both good use of Ti and Ni, I sometimes feel I'm irrational in my analisis because sometimes I can't be emotionally detached enough, T - F. But no dobut I'm a visionary, what things could happen (on the long run, I don't look for what's going to happen the next 10 seconds in my life) I see how things should be and how to get there, and never had any problems doing so, if there's something I find impossible to doubt on, is this one. I may doubt my logic sometimes because sometimes I can't be objective enough, but vision was never one of my problems.

My self-interpretation doesn't work very well with Te. Because Te basically is "Te is efficiency of an action, technical processes, the accomplishment of work, the efficient and prudent use of resources, factual accuracy, and the acquisition of relevant and useful information. Te understands the difference between effective and ineffective behavior when performing a procedure or accomplishing a task, and aspires to increase the frequency of productive outcomes within a system." and I doubt I'm a Te user because: I tend to be lazy, I ask the question 'what if' a lot which is basically a Ti trait, and I'm not sure I look for efficency (Te) as much as I look for how things work (Ti); so I highly doubt I'm a Te user, and I can't be an INFJ because I never look to people's reasons or motivations unless I have to.

I like to know everything, to have anwsers for everything, to not leave any question answered, I don't know what this means, more INTP or INTJ, if someone with experience could tell me that would be nice.

I actually find it very hard to be emotioanlly verbally expressive, as I mentioned above I can be emotionally expressive with my face and hands when I like to, but verbally it's complicated, things like "I'm glad to see you" (even though I'm really glad to see that person) hardly work in my dictionary, even when I want to use those words. I acutally had to send messages like that and it felt so painfully unnatural. But things less emotionally involved with the self, like "Hi, how are you doing man ?" are something I can do, if I like to or want to; I'm naturally quite economical with words, saying just "Hi" would pretty much suit me.

So, I would apprectiate any help with this, thanks.
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