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I find existential questions devastating and inspiring at the same time. But I am beginning to question the value of it. I don't think it is a valuable way forward. I think the main thing is to narrow things down. And when you tell yourself you want happiness then sacrifice whatever you have to to get it.

Narrow things down. The cosmologists face impossible, potentially mind-breaking questions, but because they narrow in on specifics the engulfing confusion of everything else doesn't consume them, I'm guessing.

If it feels that a more objective consideration has been compromised in favour of a more blinkered or focused approach, maybe that is just a feeling. The reality is that more happiness will be achieved by studying one thing, and mastering it. And mastering happiness will not be done by trying to take on everything.

I have no answer, because I get caught up in existential wanderings too. But visceral living, and progressive action are both things that we are moreso likely to look back on in our later years to celebrate - because heaven knows we'll have done enough ruminant thinking, no matter what.

It's truthful to be pessimistic about things that are over-powering and uncontrollable. It's also truthful to be optimistic about things that are manageable and have potential to be built upon. Doesn't it point towards a need for an increase in focus?
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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