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This post about is mastering our life as INTP’s and we’ll be ignoring so called Success Principles, Life Purpose and Goal Setting. None of these make sense to an INTP as success principles are opinions of authors or celebrities, who try to fantasise their accidental (or planned, doesn’t matter) success.

Also, there is no such thing as Finding a Life Purpose in this finite life as the certainty of death overshadows every moment we stay alive. So technically the purpose of life is Dying. No point of sugarcoating what is inevitable, and I’m certain that all INTP’s believe this emptiness of life in one form or another. As you may have assumed, we will not be discussing so called bu*sh* success mantras here. Instead, we’ll look at what really matters to an INTP to master their life.
So here is the deal!
We can't learn everything, but can master something.

Basically you can ignore the rest of the post as this is it. There are no other rules, principles or mantras an INTP must follow. Simply learn how to master one subject/area.
We want to know everything and explore every possibility. This is where we f*** up. We start a project, get deep into exploring and we not only not miss deadlines , but start couple of new projects to make the principal better. And the final result is, well there is ‘No Result’.

Think for a moment.
Isn’t this the cause of all INTP related problems? Procrastination, Education Qualifications, Material Success (Wealth, pleasure) and etc etc etc. The reason we don’t finish things on time is the inability to stop starting new things. Not because we are incompetent, lazy or uninterested, but the very idea to make things better. But we don’t know how to define ‘better’ or how our end result should be, so we get stuck in possibilities.
This is ideal for scientists and philosophers but a disaster for everyone else. [Most of the successful INTP’s ,more than 95% are represented in theoretical science or philosophy.] Also it is the reason why all INTP’s are better at STEM and score an average IQ over 125. (Technically there are no stupid INTP’s. But we f*** up our day to day life by being over smart and over analytical. )

So how to stop learning everything and master something?

No INTP is capable of learning only one subject and we’ll be wanderers forever. The key is to choose that one subject which can condense all of your favourite subjects and allows you to explore possibilities indefinitely. Get your brain to work and explore as much as you want, but end up with a single answer and justify it.

Here there are no rules. Just master the subject however you want.

It’s just you need look at everything else through this medium, that one subject. Pick you most favourite area. Align every other subject to support that. You’ll become a master in no time.
Mind you that this is not about setting a massive goal or finding a life purpose. There is no purpose in this finite life and we INTP’s know that. This is about mastering one idea, one subject that we cannot resist exploring. When finalising a single subject, you must only consider how irresistible,fun and important it is. Financials, social standards, your existing knowledge (your present comfort zone ) must be ignored. Choose something audacious and truly unique to you, but avoid general areas/themes.

Here is an example.
(Start of Example)
A general area you like is Behavioural Finance, but you decided to master in Heuristics, which is simplifying one’s decision making by using mental shortcuts. You like Heuristics for being philosophical yet analytical , allowing you to explore infinite possibilities and it’s fun never boring nature.
But, you also like cinema,gaming, programming, philosophy, reading, human condition and physics.

Now, figure out how you can relate and adjust your interests to favour the subject.
i. For instance when watching movies, watch films about human decision making. (Slow cinema, Indie films).
ii. As for gaming, its even better, just play the damn game and log your activity. See what you missed/achieved and explore why and think ways to make it better.
iii. As for programming, create simple systems to evaluate human decision making instead of focusing on cheap easy projects.
iv. You can apply the theory to other areas by relating and looking that through the subject’s lens. You know the drill.
(End of Example)

But keep in mind, that you are creating these systems or just to understand and explore the subject of your choice; Not to make the world a better place or to do something great for fellow humans. It’s just the knowledge we are after.It’s a bonus if our process can produce something useful for others, but we are here just to explore.

Most importantly, you’ll know when you find the right subject for you.The moment you get convinced, that one subject is what you’ve been looking for, is the moment the life starts for you as an INTP. You’ll be hooked and will produce unbelievable results the world has never seen before. I am not up for cheesy phrases like this but it is true. For us it might not be magic, but for everyone else it is, and will be a spectacle.

To conclude, find what you truly enjoy and do that for the rest of your life. For others its money, success, status, etc but for us INTP suckers its just knowledge. Don’t be a good for nothing know-all who is a jack of all trades but a master of none, but become a master of something know-all.
Here are some starter points for you to align your life to match the subject you’ll be mastering.
  1. Stop reading self-help books as they are meant for everyone else but us. Replace that reading time with subject related books. Human life is too unique to follow a set of guidelines that may or may not worked for an author or a celebrity. Some success rules are pure fantasies.But, Subjects are certain and can be explained through a framework unlike life, where every moment is a possibility and everything is unique/personal. Eg, look at finance, there are standards that are universal. Any observer can follow a set of rules and get certain results. But life is so random and personal that even twins behave differently. Better to explore ourselves by ourselves instead of looking for answers elsewhere.
  2. Stop watching intp related YouTube videos as those creators know nothing about us, but just trying to monetise our hunger to improve ourselves. (This is the reason why more than 80% of MBTI related videos are about intp’s and significantly popular compared to others. ) Also there is nothing new to learn, they just make videos on materials found online.
  3. And also stop looking for answers on the internet. Online forums, Research PDF’s etc and yeah, including this one. Only you can find a solution for your problem, just like i did. I posted it here because this worked for me and every intp i personally know. (around 12).
  4. Also ignore this post if you haven’t taken the original MBTI test from a certified practitioner as this post is only works for INTP's. (I highly encourage you to do so. Meet a certified psychologist or get the official test.) Most of the onlineINTP/INTJ/ENTJ/INFJ members are not original and often typed incorrectly. Eg, most INTP’s are either ISTP’s or ISFP’s mainly due to mistyping intuition and thinking answers. A true INTP (INTJ and ENTP too) will take the extra effort to visit a psychologist or will take the original paid test, just because they are uncertain and that uncertainty will eat them up.
Anyways, this is my first and only post. There is nothing left to write about INTP life mastery or INTP’s in general.

All the best comrades. Now is the time to rise!
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