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Hello PC, Personality Cafe,or however it is typically referred to here. Allow me to introduce myself.

You can all me Mr.C, Coffee, or anything else along those lines...i'm easy.

I'm 35 years old, single, no children, and work in the Information Technology field; specifically Network Administration.

I started reading about the MBTI after my HR department had my team take the indicator. Being my curious self, I researched it (shocker for an INTP). The more I read about it (the types, the dominant/supportive functions, the characteristics of these functions) the more I was intrigued; which of course led to further research. Reading more about my particular type helped me make sense of some things. I'd only add that although INTP's typically surround themselves in a world of reason and logic, I have learned to develop my weakest of all functions: Fe. It's difficult to for me to consider the feelings of other's before applying logic. It's a struggle. It's something I that only my nearest and dearest friends, which are there only 3 (ENFJ, ISFJ, and ESTJ), have helped me with, albeit indirectly. While their actions and attitudes puzzle me at times, I wouldn't take them any other way.

I've struggled a lot with self-esteem and depression throughout my early life; childhood and adolescence to be exact. My inquisitive and curious nature have always led me to interests beyond the popular and conventional. I was very introverted, more so than I am now, and making friends was very difficult. Be that as it were, I managed to maintain friendships throughout the course of my life. I heard somewhere that on average, one's inner-circle of friends change every 7-8 years. While I doubt a general statement like that is true of everyone, it has typically been the case for me. I can say now though that I have finally found the kind of friends that will no doubt remain my nearest and dearest. It only took 35 years.

I think that's good for an intro. There's a lot more I can discuss and I look forward to doing just that. I'm so glad I found a place to discuss personality, MBTI, and related topics as I've become quite the psychology buff. I've never been one to be active in online forums, but as I've been reading several posts here it would appear that is going to change.

I look forward to it :happy:


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